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    Should I quit nursing school?

    I am currently in my second semester of nursing school, and I think I want to drop out and switch majors. A little background: In junior year of high school, I took some classes at a health career center, which I really really loved and enjoyed. I'm not sure if it was because I genuinely enjoyed it or I liked it because I made good grades. During my time here, I was quite ambitious and felt like I wanted to do Pre-Med in college, however once I became a senior and graduation was creeping up on me, I decided to go into nursing after hearing from a friend that she wanted to do that. I was afraid I wasn't capable of going to medical school, let alone be Pre-Med, so I settled on nursing. Once I was accepted into my school's nursing program, I was ecstatic. I work my butt off to be accepted, and now I was officially a nursings student! Though it was extremely overwhelming and stressful, I enjoyed nursing school until COVID hit. No longer being in a classroom setting, I had to study from my home and I found that to be extremely difficult when it came to staying motivated. During this transition to online school, I lost motivation and started failing my Pharmacology exams. Once the semester came to an end, I found out I failed Pharm by 1 point. That was extremely discouraging, knowing I had to retake that class and that if I were to fail one more course, I would be asked to leave our school's nursing program. Though I am currently only in my second semester, I feel burned out. I didn't even know it was possible to feel burned out before actually becoming an RN. At this point, I dread absolutely everything related to nursing. I don't want to study for my exams, attend lectures, do my assigned readings, and I especially do not want to go to clinicals. I've also always been a very creative person, and the reason why I never pursued writing or film is because I thought I wasn't good enough at those things and that it wasn't a career that was stable enough to support me in the future. However, having these thoughts lately has made me realize that it is unfair of me to not even give myself the chance to pursue those other interests of mine. Being in my junior year of college, it is so daunting to even consider changing majors this late in my academic career. I have been exploring other degrees lately and psychology and/or english have piqued my interest. I am feeling so lost and scared. What should I do?