What is it like working at Medical City Plano?

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Hi everyone!

I am currently a senior in nursing school and will be graduating this coming May! I have been applying to jobs and going on interviews and recently accepted an offer from Medical City Plano. I am extremely grateful to be given an opportunity to work as a new grad nurse however, I have heard from so many people that Medical City is not a good place to work at. From what I have heard, people mainly have issues with benefits/pay and just really emphasize how understaffed it is (compared to other hospitals).

Though I have already accepted the job, I find it hard to be proud that I will be working there as a New Grad Nurse just because so many people have so many bad things to say about Medical City. I just wanted to hear some stories and honest opinions on what it was like working at Medical City Plano (good and bad). Please be as transparent as possible because I would like to prepare myself for this residency. 

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Jenn Washin

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Hi! I just accepted an offer from Medical city Plano for Nursing residency. Do you still work there?