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  1. Second Entry Nursing Fall 2022

    Each university has a list of courses they accept. I know Mac has a detailed one, you just have to find it on the nursing admissions page somewhere. For UofT, they have an online physiology 2 course you can take too! I think it's through the continui...
  2. Second Entry Nursing Fall 2022

    Not to worry, as there is no interview!
  3. Hey I was just wondering about the UofT supplemental application process, I was kind of confused when it was asking for my alphabetical grade avg for my last year of uni, do you just include the classes you took between sept - April of your last year ? Or do I also include Summer courses I took before that September that contributed to my fourth year? Also what did you use to calculate your weighted avg across that final year to determine your average? thanks!

    1. nursinghopeful3928457


      Your last year is your final year of study, so if you took a normal 4th year with courses from Sept. - April, then those courses are the ones to include.

      I calculated my average with a calculator LOL, so you can definitely just do it yourself!

  4. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    No, they don't conduct any interviews! It was just based on your transcript, ECs, and references (they got rid of the reference requirement for your cycle though!). Overall I absolutely love the program - it's a lot of work, don't get me wrong, ...
  5. Second Entry Nursing Fall 2022

    Hi guys! I'm currently a nursing student at UofT so if anyone has questions about the program feel free to ask!
  6. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    Honestly you probably did get accepted and they accidentally released the results early! Like you were supposed to hear later in the month and someone accidentally pressed "send" LOL
  7. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    From the NCLEX 2019 data it seems the number of students accepted are on average: 170 (UofT) 75ish (McMaster) 120 (York) 100 (Western) 70 (Trent) 50 (Nipissing)
  8. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    I just realized this. OMG! I didn't realize these programs accepted so few students....
  9. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    I was looking at the NCLEX pass rate for accelerated nursing programs in ontario and, although McMaster and Queens have fantastic pass rate, only 68 and 44 people took the exam in 2019. Since they accept 100-120 students, why were there only 68 and 4...
  10. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    They currently changed their parking rules because of the pandemic (given students financial situation). I have a strong feeling this won't change for the upcoming semester as well, but again, who knows! And I know that LTC get a lot of flack as...
  11. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    Interesting! I didn't know York had such an early placement. I also heard the campus has free parking which is definitely appealing for a commuter student!
  12. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    For those who applied to York, McMaster, or UofT: which school are you hoping to get into and why? They don't have much info on their websites so I would love to hear what specifically about the program(s) appeal to you guys!
  13. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know if you get a program brochure in the mail after you have been accepted to a university, or do you just see that you're accepted on OUAC??
  14. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    Just go to the university of interest and look up their grading scale to convert your marks.
  15. Ontario Second Entry Nursing Fall 2021

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Is York your first choice??