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  1. NewNursy20

    New Nurse Call

    Hi all, I'm a new OR circulating nurse in a small 4 room hospital. I come off of buddy call in April. I've been on buddy call for a few months, but we weren't ever called in very much. What are some tips and tricks you guys have to help with nerves and stress about huge emergency cases, or any cases in general? Any information would be greatly appreciated! 😃 P.S., I've done at least some of everything in general, gynecology, ortho, and urology.
  2. NewNursy20

    Hemostatic Implants

    Hi all, here's a question I've pondered for a couple of months that maybe one of you can help me out with. When a surgeon asks for Surgicel powder for a procedure, it does not count as an implant at my facility; however, if we use VistaSeal it does. What is the rationale for this? The only thing I can think of is that the VistaSeal is human tissue, but what makes Surgicel not count as an implant? Thanks in advance!
  3. NewNursy20

    Buddy call?

    Hi all, I'm a new nurse working in the OR. It's my first job out of nursing school and I've been taking buddy call for a few months now. I'm just curious, how long were any of you on buddy call before you were released to be on your own? I can circulate most types of cases during the day, but I've yet to be released to call myself. Also: will I ever feel truly ready to be on call alone?