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    OB clinic nursing?

    Hello nurses! I graduated nursing school with my BSN in December 2019, and starting working at my university's hospital in March 2020. I've known for years I'm interested in OB nursing, and applied to the Mother/Baby unit I interned on. Unfortunately there were not enough lines open for it to work out for me, so I accepted a position on the gyn/onc and postpartum floor. Initially, figured I would have the best of both worlds: still get my foot in the door of OB nursing and continue working on Med/Surg skills. 7 months later, found it wasn't for me. I tried pretty much everything to stay until 1 year (extended orientation, asking for help, coming early, etc) but it really took a toll on my mental health. It had gotten so bad that I needed to be hospitalized. Thankfully, I'm in a much better place mentally and am ready to start looking for nursing jobs again. I've decided it be best to start working part-time and see how it goes. I've been looking at some jobs at OB/GYN clinics, as well as part-time hospital jobs (rare but still out there). Although I do have some concerns/questions: 1. Will my gap in employment hurt my chances for job opportunities. I haven't worked since October 2020 2. How hands on is a nursing position typically at a clinic? One thing that was nice about a hospital was practicing a lot of hands on skills such as IV meds 3. If I do eventually want to return to the bedside, is there much chance that I could obtain a job? Thanks in advance!