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Stacey Reeve has 19 years experience as a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in HOME CARE.

I am a mother first and foremost of 4 beautiful,  amazing  children. However, the are all disabled. My 8yr old daughter is bi polar with ocd and ADD...my 14 yr old has autism high on the spectrum,ocd and adhd. My 18YR OLD has moderate autism and my 21 yr old has high on the spectrum  autism, bi polar, ocd and ADD. My plate is full. I had sinus cancer 4 yrs ago and got my BSN. I WOULD LIKE TO GO TO MHNP PROGRAM HAVE TO TAKE STATISTICS THIS Summer. I am married in a second marriage to my soulmate. I'm never truly  happy unless I'm challenging myself.

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    When I started my job about last November it was everything I ever dreamed of. I teach HHA and PCA classes and do various inservice. When I began RN director of education was my boss. When covid hit she quit. Now the CEO is my boss. However this being said the branch manager with no degree or tact but has longevity runs the office and runs me. She runs her branch with everyone in fear of her including me. We got into an argument so I called the ceo, my "boss". I bend over backwards for the branch manager nothing is ever rite meanwhile when I started I notified them I had sinus cancer 4 yrs ago 3 at the time of hire and radiation hit my brain so my short term memory is not great and I ha e adhd and anxiety..... but I've gotten far enough to accomplish my BSN so I cant be that dumb. I've figured out using my calander helps alot but I'm not perfect. So reguardless this manager is constantly riding me irrationally but the ceo said shes been here forever shes not going any where. It's suposed to be an equal opportunity employer but really feel up against the wall to give my resignation. I told the ceo this 3 days later I find my job posted. Mind you I did not give my notice. I feel my job is threatened when I'm there. It seems so unfair to have to leave because the manager isn't going any where....There's more to the story but this is quite long already. I will attach my rebuttal to my boss. What do you guys think? I'm at a loss.... Rebuttal.docx