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ees80 has 1 years experience and specializes in Pediatrics.

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  1. CHLA Versant RN Residency September 2021 Cohort

    What's the name of the FB group? the link isn't working for me for some reason. thanks!
  2. Does anyone have experience with getting a CA license by endorsement recently? (Particularly if your license is from PA). PA does not use nursys or breeze so I want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly so I don't make the process longer. In ad...
  3. Hi! I applied as well, I hope we hear back soon!!
  4. CHLA Versant RN Residency September 2021 Cohort

    I haven't heard back yet either!
  5. CHLA Versant RN Residency September 2021 Cohort

    Is anyone who is interviewing coming with a license from a different state and needs to endorse it? I know CA BRN takes forever but I also don't want to pay so much if I won't end up getting a job offer...not sure what to do.
  6. That's awesome! Good luck, let us know how they go!
  7. Yeah...definitely very risky haha it was probably the hardest decision I've ever had to make and I'm still not sure if it was the correct one but nothing to do now! I'm from the east coast and have always wanted to move towards the west so I've appli...
  8. Hey! I think it doesn't hurt to email them and ask but I don't think it is going to help speed up their decision or anything. I was in the same situation. I had an offer from another top children's hospital but am more interested in CHCO so emailed t...
  9. CHLA and Rady Children's

    I saw!! thank you so much, I'm excited. anyone have any tips for applying?
  10. Seattle Childrens Residency Fall 2021

    I had actually asked the recruiter about this since critical care only had 2 units hiring this time and he said they are doing things a bit differently this time and the powerpoint wasn't changed so I can choose any unit as my third choice. I ended u...
  11. Seattle Childrens Residency Fall 2021

    Oh gosh haha I applied to critical care ??
  12. Seattle Childrens Residency Fall 2021

    That's awesome! Hopefully, starting today they'll invite external applicants. I'm also coming from across the country and hoping that doesn't ruin my chances.
  13. Seattle Childrens Residency Fall 2021

    Congrats, do you work at SCH?
  14. Seattle Childrens Residency Fall 2021

    I didn’t hear anything today ?
  15. I'd assume it is! For Anchutz or Colorado Springs?