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    Lost a pill for my patient

    So this is my 3rd clinical day in the ICU for my preceptorship in my last semester of nursing school. Me and my preceptor were pulling meds for a patient and someone I misplaced a pill package for a PPI medication. We looked and couldn’t find it. My preceptor told me not to worry because it wasn’t an opioid or benzo and went on to explain a story on how she took home a probiotic one time on accident and just threw it away. Unfortunately, I can’t shake off this feeling of being a total dumb***. Is there anyone who has had similar experiences? Any tips or tricks? On top of that, I just have made little mistakes that I shouldn’t be making such as putting down a flush without the cap on a non sterile surface or little things of that nature. Does that feeling of thinking you’re not gonna be a good nurse go away?