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  1. I'm also wondering the same thing. I'm graduating this May and have taken an acute dialysis job.
  2. Heccadecca

    Rejected from job listings

    Hi, I am trying to get a job at the local hospital and I'm basically applying for everything that isn't medsurg (not my fav, respect to those who do it). I'm getting a lot of automated rejections. Should I reapply for those listings, or try something else? I get the feeling they aren't looking for new grads.
  3. Heccadecca

    New grad, NICU hopeful

    Hello, I'm going to be a new grad nurse in a few months, and NICU is my dream job. I have applied and been rejected from the small NICU at the hospital where I currently work. I realize it's hard to get in there as a new grad. I'm going to get a job in dialysis but I'm wondering what I can do to make myself a more attractive hire in the NICU after a few years of nursing experience. Thank you so much for your input.
  4. Hello, I see that others have similar questions and I'm trying to read through their topics also. Here's my story and question: I'm an older student nurse currently working as a tech on a progressive care/step down unit. They offered me a night shift position after I graduate in a couple of months here. I like it, and the people I work with, but I'm not sure I want to be there for long. It's hard work, and stressful. I also got a job offer doing dialysis with DaVita, who just got the contract to do acute dialysis in the hospital I currently work in. The hours seem better, and the pay is slightly better. My dream job is working in the NICU, which I know is difficult as a new grad. I don't want to work Medsurg. My question is, once you start to specialize in a field like dialysis, is it difficult to transition out of it? Will I have a hard time working in NICU or peds in the future? I really clicked with the DaVita manager that I interviewed with and I think the environment there will be pretty good. Dialysis is something that I find interesting but it's not a passion. Thank you for your thoughts.