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  1. ktrevino

    MGH DE ABSN-MSN 2021

    NO! 😭😭😭😭
  2. ktrevino

    UMASS Amherst ABSN 2021

    Yay! Thanks! Just requested to join
  3. ktrevino

    UMASS Amherst ABSN 2021

    I don’t think it’s alphabetical because my last name starts with T. I did finish my app earlier than the deadline so it could be date of submission? LOL
  4. ktrevino

    Any current UMass Amherst ABSN students?

    Hi! no, I didn’t. I received the acceptance letter before any other communication. On my letter, I have until 3/1 to make the deposit or not. So, I assume they are going in batches... I hope you hear back soon!!
  5. Hi there! I was just accepted into UMass Amherst's ABSN program. I wanted to see if there are any current or former students willing to share their experience. I looked around here, and I couldn't find any. I am wondering how the program went for you and how your experience was. I am waiting for a few other schools, but will probably put the deposit down if I don't hear from anywhere else by 3/1. Thanks so much! K