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    RN to Bscn?

    Wow OK, thank you so much. I guess I will try to get it assessed when I graduate. Any idea on how long the process is? Or do you maybe know what the regulations for injecting botox as an RN in Canada are? Also, do I need to have a certain amount of experience working as a nurse before getting assessed or can I apply as soon as I get my RN and apply for visa?
  2. Lexlovegood

    RN to Bscn?

    Hi all! My husband and I are considering moving to Victoria or Vancouver B.C from the US and I know an ADN or associate degree is only equivalent to what we call an LPN or LVN here. My question is, could I still work as an LVN there while pursuing a bridge program to get my BScN? And do any such bridge programs exist?