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  1. Tamatha Deucher

    Failed NCLEX 3 times

    Quick update all, I am officially a BSN, RN. I saw my license posted on the Texas BON that Saturday after testing Thursday. I did the PVT all 4 separate times and it was correct all 4 times. So happy my new path has begun!! Good luck to any graduates reading this and never give up.
  2. Tamatha Deucher

    NCLEX RN Experience- Never Give Up

    I just had almost the same experience too 4th time test take and got the good pop after a year of trying. Glad to see you at this point cause I COMPLETELY understand your feeling.
  3. Tamatha Deucher

    Failed NCLEX 3 times

    No I haven’t received official results Texas doesn’t update until Tuesday and Thursday. Are you about to rain on my parade??...
  4. Tamatha Deucher

    Failed NCLEX 3 times

    So I decided to share my story because everyone on here has a little bit of the same experience and a little of a different experience. I took my first NCLEX in March 2020, just graduated, had a job lined up with a sign on bonus expecting to start the following week. My test cut off at 75 questions I walked out of there thinking that wasn’t so bad seemed kind of easy to me. Did the PVT and it took my payment eventually got the letter of a confirmed FAILED. 2nd time I went in on 2hrs (not from studying) of sleep and still heavily under the influence from my husbands birthday celebration the night before, I think I knew walking into it I was going to fail which I did and I don’t recommend anyone tries this out themselves. I FAILED at 60 questions. My 3rd attempt I said I’m going to just slam questions after questions. I did nothing but questions and really focused on my pharmacology cause I told myself if I know my meds I’ll know majority. Went in and expected the minimum amount and no I took the entire test up to the last question, my brain was done after question 80 I remember letting the time influence me so I kept answering and rushing and with 15mins to spare it shut off finally. I honestly don’t recommend you rush through the exam either I think I self sabotaged by rushing through all the questions so I wouldn’t run out of time. I walked out not feeling confident at all but told myself I must have done better since it didn’t shut off at the first 75. Did the PVT and got the “your test is on hold” response. I was so nervous thinking maybe I had a shot and I finally passed, a few hours later I tried the PVT again and it took my payment so I FAILED. After failing 3 times I felt so lost and confused I questioned my place in the world, why I did nursing school why I was still struggling in my 30s. I had already paid for the 4th exam but I just pushed it off I should’ve taken it since December of 2020 and kept pushing the date back because I didn’t want to handle rejection again. Finally I faced my fear and took my NCLEX yesterday April 2021 (a year from my first attempt) and decided to just go back to the bare basics. I did the Hurst review and just listened to lectures over and over again repeating material. Mind you I have a job and kids so this wasn’t consistent but I tried to make it consistent especially the last week. I learned the material until I filling understood it. Took my NCLEX and it went past the 75 once I was at 100 I knew I was going to the end but my brain was done so I was done. I spent at mins on each question and ran out of time at 102 questions. All the the PVT kept showing your test is on hold and after 24hrs the PVT gave me the good pop up. So relieved and so glad this is over and done with.