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  1. Has anyone here work in the NICU for this hospital? If so, how is it? I applied for a per diem job and wanted to see how it is. I haven't had an interview yet but my application is under consideration so fingers crossed.
  2. Long Beach Memorial RN Residency 2021

    LOL that’s so soon. But yea I feel like the mark klimeck audio really helped me. Especially the prioritization ones. And then I skimmed the Saunders book which gave me some good tips for some questions I got on the NCLEX. But tbh if you did well in n...
  3. Long Beach Memorial RN Residency 2021

    Good luck with your test dude! When is it
  4. Long Beach Memorial RN Residency 2021

    Did u get an offer there? And yea they like it! They said it’s challenging of course but the preceptors are nice. Changing units every 2 weeks and get to change to days/nights every 3 months whatever u prefer.
  5. Long Beach Memorial RN Residency 2021

    Yea considering my other options too. LB was the best. And my friends said they have never met the director since they began working there so that’s a good thing haha
  6. Pomona Valley New grad 2021

    Yea they’re not good at updating the app status. It sucks to keep waiting for something that’s not gonna happen
  7. Pomona Valley New grad 2021

    I believe they gave out all their offers already so that’s probably why HR hasn’t gotten back to you
  8. City of Hope New Grad 2021

    I saw multiple people got offers on fb
  9. Long Beach Memorial RN Residency 2021

    Update I got the job. But debating if imma take it because of how the interview went
  10. Hi @Kellz, I saw your post regarding the new grad program - float pool at long beach memorial. For some reason, I can't PM you. I just want to ask you, after your interview, did you got hired? May I know how your interview go? Thank you.

    1. Kellz


      So the job opening isn’t til April and I think they’re still having interviews so they haven’t updated us on anything just. My status on the posting says completed now as well as other people I’m talking too. 

    2. Kellz


      Update I got an offer today for the position 

  11. Providence TIPS April 2021

    Theyre still conducting interviews right now so I don't think they're doing second interviews just yet. on the otherhand the email they sent us for the interview didn't mention there was a second interview tho. It said results will be known two weeks...
  12. Long Beach Memorial RN Residency 2021

    People are getting interviews. I had mine last week and I have to say the director of float was pretty rude. She rolled her eyes at me a lot and gave me no time to answer. My interview was less than 5 mins when it’s supposed to be 30 mins.
  13. City of Hope New Grad 2021

    Did u finally figure out what unit you were applying to haha
  14. City of Hope New Grad 2021

    Probably reach out since this Friday is the last day of interviews. I tried doing that with the person I had my first interview with but all she said was she’s not apart of the next process so I should just wait and see. Hopefully you’ll have better ...
  15. Pomona Valley New grad 2021

    ED and ICU I think? Same. Update us if you get anything