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    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    Can't believe some of the comments I've seen here. I'm sorry that you came here for support and advice, and received so much backlash and bitterness. That's exactly what some people are. Bitter. You have every right to not continue working in an unsafe or hostile environment. That is IT and it is NOT okay. Yes, you were under contract and it'll be tough to navigate that case/situation and I hope it works out. I do You were also correct in your responses. We ALL know how it can be working in places like this; if you say you haven't, you know someone who has. We need to support each other for our own sakes, for better working conditions, and for the safety of the patients. That, in no way, equates to a credit card or car loan or whatever else is posted on here. Let's normalize advocating for that and actually taking a stand for it. And lets normalize supporting each other instead of this toxic mess. Also: To the people trying to rebuttal OP for the claims of sexual harassment and questioning her placement of the claims in the post/replies....my nicest reply is to please see yourselves out. She obviously didn't feel the need to mention it originally but eventually did when she felt the need to defend herself, rightfully.
  2. alissainchains

    Is anyone in California living alone on an LVN salary?

    I currently live in Oceanside, and moving to San Diego soon. When my husband and I were looking for places, many required you make a certain amount even to consider. That can be a biggie. It does really depend where in California, but in SoCal there aren't too many places I've heard good things about that are less than $2,000 (with utilities, parking) you know