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  1. Mane Nursing Fall 2021

  2. Mane Nursing Fall 2021

    I think that is part of the reason they are implementing the holistic admission consideration. Just because you did well in the four course GPA considered classes, and do well on the TEAS test doesn't necessarily mean you would be a better nurse (or ...
  3. Mane Nursing Fall 2021

    I do not know many get waitlisted (someone said 40), but the waitlisted composite scores range from 12.14-11.73 so it sounds like she is on the lower side, but that doesn't mean she will not get in. If there are 40 on the waitlist, 39 of them could b...
  4. Mane Nursing Fall 2021

    Coon Rapids!
  5. Mane Nursing Fall 2021

    Hey all! I was accepted into ARCC, but was denied from Century. Looks like Century was SUPER competitive!! TEAS Composite Total Priority Points Applicants who were Admitted: 95.30-82.00 13.53-12.17 Applicants who wer...
  6. Mane Nursing Fall 2021

    Hey there! Would you want to share your score? It sounds like interest has been lower this year, so I would imagine (and I am hoping! since my score is 11.42) the acceptance, and waiting list will be even lower this year. Century's nursin...
  7. Mane Nursing Fall 2021

    Hey future nurses, I can't believe Monday is already 3/1, we are getting so close to the 3/15 date. I still am not confident I will get in d/t my low composite score (11.42) but I am hoping there is lower interest d/t COVID. There is not ...
  8. Mane Nursing Fall 2021

    hey all, I applied to both Century and ARCC. Reading some of these comments, and ones from Spring 2021, I am nervous I won't be accepted in. I have a 3.29 GPA, and got an 81.3% on my TEAS resulting in a composite score of 11.42. I was tol...
  9. MANE Spring 2021

    I am taking AP1 now, and am planning to take AP2 over the Summer and hoping to start the program in the fall!