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  1. Cardiology question

    Yes I was wondering with vegetation or calcification if anticoagulants are recommended?
  2. Cardiology question

    What is known about a calcified estachian valve showing up on TEE? Big deal or not? patient has history of PE , risk factor of obesity and HTN, recent episode of syncope. Work up showed a negative stress test and cardiac enzymes.
  3. IV Sedation Question

    Oh my! I guess the shoe thing sounds weird without explaining she was wearing Ugg slippers. Sawing was “ cutting the teeth with a dental saw or instrument” She also Remembers a nurse wiping her cheeks from tears and “ patting her head” to calm her.
  4. IV Sedation Question

    Asking as a nurse and mother: My daughter had dental extractions under IV sedation in office. I thought after Versed she would forget everything but she recalls the Dr conversation, tugging, sawing, felt the stitches, remembers her shoes falling...
  5. Pediatric patients question

    What are some common problems you run into when taking care of pediatric patients either pre op or post op? What has your institution done to combat the problem?
  6. Evidence based project

    I had the idea of studying ways to reduce pediatric anxiety but that’s been done. Looking into how developmental stages of children affect nursing techniques( a review for the nurses), or something like that. Or seeing if there is a preop screening ...
  7. Evidence based project

    I have an question and need advice. I am ( for the first time) doing an ambulatory surgery evidence based practice project regarding our pediatric population. I have present the project idea to the manager. I want to do a great job. What all should ...
  8. Quality/research project

    I am fairly new to outpatient surgery or my hospital’s ambulatory surgery center ( after 30 + years as a medical Surgical nurse. I was asked to initiate a research project for quality improvement on an issue that our outpatient surgery center faces a...
  9. Nurse on COVID leave

    Thank you for replying. I was told by Employee Health once the Dr releases you or gives you return with restrictions to let them know. If They have a position that fits those restrictions, they can accommodate me but if they don’t have a position...
  10. COVID-19: Filed workers comp claim?

    I am currently on Workmen’s Comp. pay because I contracted Covid from a patient but also had to use my FMLA time at the same time which now is close to being expired( I got Covid then 10 days llater pneumonia then three weeks later a PE.. all due to ...
  11. Nurse on COVID leave

    Try to make this short. I have been on COVID leave since Dec bc I developed Pneumonia Dec 22 ten days into COVID And now on leave for a Covid PE. I have been extremely lucky that Workmen’s Comp. has covered my pay as I am out of PTO. The problem now ...

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