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  1. San Jac South LVN-RN Spring 2023

    Orientation tomorrow? 😃IDK if I have any professional attire LOL
  2. San Jacinto Spring 2023-ADN

    You shouldn’t have had to pay the $150. And yes you must start the Declatory* order early bc it can take months for them to send you an outcome letter. Which most nursing schools require before clinical. The $150 is if they needed to investigate furt...
  3. San Jacinto Spring 2023-ADN

    I don’t think so bc that’s based on how quick the TxBON sends it to you. So you nor the school have control of that.
  4. San Jac South LVN-RN Spring 2023

    Hey! Have y’all received your new blue card or outcome letter? Also does everyone have health insurance or student insurance?
  5. San Jacinto Spring 2023-ADN

    I think they are all due before the start of school. That’s just been my past experience. But I’m sure you will find out at orientation. I do know when I got my acceptance I was told to purchase castle branch and have my drug screen done by Oct 17. B...
  6. San Jacinto Spring 2023-ADN

    I got accepted already with San jac. But I’m doing the lvn to RN transition.
  7. San Jacinto Spring 2023-ADN

    Good luck! You got this! ☘️
  8. San Jacinto Spring 2023-ADN

    If they took you in the lvn program would they still consider your for ADN? That’s pretty good if they do!
  9. San Jacinto Spring 2023-ADN

    That’s awesome! Congrats
  10. San Jacinto Spring 2023-ADN

    I applied to the lvn to RN transition Program and got accepted. The deadline was extended to 9/30. And I was notified yesterday. So the acceptance and denials should be coming out soon.
  11. San Jac South LVN-RN Spring 2023

    Yes! Same! LOL
  12. San Jac South LVN-RN Spring 2023

    Well no one said anything. 🤷‍♀️ So now I’m really curious how big our class is going to be. Have you started the castle branch items?
  13. San Jacinto Spring 2023-ADN

    Did you apply at other schools? Sure you will get in somewhere! There’s tons of programs. Good luck. 🍀
  14. San Jac South LVN-RN Spring 2023

    I know right. LOL I was thinking of posting it on the HESI group on Fb and see if more ppl come out in the comments.
  15. San Jac South LVN-RN Spring 2023

    Yes! I’m so happy! OMG I wonder how many ppl get choosen for the program?