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  1. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    Just how strict are they with their July 9th deadline for prereqs? I finish literally on the 10th LOL I’m going to cry
  2. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    Just got my acceptance at 1pm today, so they’re definitely still sending out decisions!
  3. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    Very specific question, but does anyone happen to know for international transcripts verified by ECE, which type does mt sinai want - the general or course-by-course one?
  4. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    Haha I have no idea, I keep making up rules in my head to make sense of things. I’m just glad they started accepting people again. And Congrats to everyone who got in!! Very exciting!!
  5. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    Do they usually release acceptances once a week, Mondays? Or throughout week? Just so I can stop obsessively refreshing my email LOL
  6. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    I hope you’re right. I would really like to never see a Chem or Physics question in my life again..!!
  7. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    Oh wow, part of passing the class is taking and passing the HESI exam? am I getting this right from the syllabus?
  8. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    They asked me like a week before I got my acceptance!
  9. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Yes, but a screenshot of blackboard grades worked too
  10. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    I really think they are behind on sending acceptances for the fall (maybe it’s just wishful thinking). I plan on sending a letter of continued interest as soon as I’m done with pre-reqs, going to just wait and try to manage anxiety about it until the...
  11. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Yess! May 2023, def not right, but I don’t think it matters
  12. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    I started a facebook group for anyone that’ll be attending NYU interested in connecting with the Fall 2021 cohort early on:
  13. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    I've read that it's between 100-150 each cohort, one Summer, one fall, so they graduate 200-300 students each year.
  14. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    @EdaTheInfermiere you make some good points, it's just tough to ignore the strong criticism completely you know.. I'm sure with Covid things were hard on everyone at all schools. Is there any info on remote vs. in person classes / clincals in th...
  15. Mount Sinai PSON ABSN Fall 2021

    can someone please confirm that clinicals will be in person? Admin being this disorganized and not communicating critical info like this is starting to scare me. Can def already see the patterns of chaos everyone in the 2020 forum described. Al...