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    Can someone help me on my retake NCLEX-RN here in PENNSYLVANIA

    Hi there . Have a great day! Thank you so much for taking noticed of my post! Anyway, I still don't know what to do. It's so stressful. All I just want to take a chance to pass this NCLEX-RN here in Pennsylvania. Some say that if I will take to other state I need to get a residency and showed water bills, electric bills and get a driver licensed. Should I go to CGFNS or just go back overseas and take the NCLEX-RN AND PASS and go back here in U.S to get NCLEX-RN for requirements in Pennsylvania? Thank you again for the help.Be safe and Godbless.
  2. Hi to everyone. I have a big problem. Is there someone who had the same experienced or situation case like mine. Please let me know. Urgent!I want to take my NCLEX-RN here in Penssylvania. The thing is that I'm not a board passer. I failed my Board of Nursing exam in overseas. I called the State Board of Nursing. But the guy said that to be eligible I need to have licensed in other state or in the foreign country. And then I can take the NCLEX-RN. And the same in New York too. Why it's so harsh! I know every state is different but I don't need to take refresher course. All I need is that I can take my NCLEX-RN here in Pennsylvania. Where should I send a letter or email for my situation. Please help me.I'm so devastated about what happened. Thank you so much for the help. Be safe to all and God bless everyone!