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  1. kn0607

    NYP Hiring Process

    I applied for a neuro SDU position and I kept applying ever since. The talent rep actually arranged an interview for a medical SDU position before it was posted on the website (a good sign I think). I had the interview with the PCD on Monday, and think it went very well. These past few days have been so nerve-wracking and I'm praying for an email for references. Fingers crossed!!
  2. kn0607

    NYP Hiring Process

    Sadly I did not get an offer, the PCD wanted someone with more experience (I'm a new grad). The talent acquisition rep said she's going to keep me updated on any other positions for new grads if they become available, so I think she wants to help me become part of the NYP team which is promising!
  3. kn0607

    New Grad Resume NYC

    Hi! I saw you posted this quite a while back, but I am currently looking into jobs in NYC and was wondering how the process went for you! I graduated in December, passed my NCLEX in March, have had one interview, and have been just applying like crazy. Any advice would help! TIA!
  4. kn0607

    NYP Hiring Process

    @alexis_brickcity I didn't receive an email asking for my references, so I'm not too hopeful anymore 😞 I interviewed for the Weill Cornell campus, which did you interview for?
  5. kn0607

    NYP Hiring Process

    Hi @alexis_brickcity ! I had an interview this past Tuesday. One with HR and another with the floor's patient care director. Each took 30 minutes and I'm still waiting to hear back (fingers crossed). Lmk how yours went!