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  1. Advice about Job Offer

    I think she can, but from what the other nurses have told me, she isn't someone who takes initiative. She'll apparently drag her feet until a candidate takes another job somewhere else. I want to increase my odds with this position and move it forwar...
  2. Advice about Job Offer

    Hello, I am in need of some help or advice regarding a job position. So I am about to graduate and had signed up for a 2-year contract with the hospital I wanted. I was already going to apply there anyway and so it was an opportunity that I thou...
  3. UTHSC BSN FALL 2021

    Thank you for the links! I thought I might have just missed the email or something since (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) said she was still editing the recording and would send it out within a week or two. I wasn’t able to attend the first one since our hou...
  4. UTHSC BSN FALL 2021

    Oh cool! Thanks!
  5. UTHSC BSN FALL 2021

    Hey guys! Super excited to be heading into August soon and going to orientation to meet everyone. Do you guys know if there’s a facebook group or anything set up for our cohort? Also did you ever get the recording for the 1st zoom meeting?
  6. UTHSC BSN FALL 2021

    Hey Meg! Thanks for the information. Has anyone received any additional emails after the immunization ones yet?
  7. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    OK, cool. I was worried for a bit there. I might just email the coordinator if I don't get it by tomorrow. Thanks guys!
  8. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    Have you guys received the email with the UTHSC ID and stuff yet? I thought we were supposed to get it by now.
  9. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    Since I'm applying for the ABSN, my current stats as of just my prerequisites are 4.00, but during my bachelors it was a 3.92. We aren't required - for this program anyways - to take the TSEA I believe that's what it's called so I don't have any resu...
  10. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    Yay! I'm super excited. I just got home and opened my email. I'm in too! Congrats guys! This will be an awesome experience.
  11. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    According to the interviewers, they plan to have the classes on campus, but if the restrictions are still in place, then they can do virtual. They've been doing a semi-hybrid thing with the current cohort.
  12. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    That's awesome! I can't wait. Hopefully we'll all get in and be able to meet each other in person ?. Covid has been an interesting experience. I really don't like online learning with all the pre-req classes, but you gotta do what you gotta do I gues...
  13. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    Oh wow, so more seats than previously predicted then? That's great! I remember seeing 78 interview time slots, so I guess if you receive an invite, your chances are pretty good. I didn't apply anywhere else, so I'm a bit of an all eggs in one case LO...
  14. UTHSC ABSN Memphis Fall 2021

    I had my interview on the 1/21/21. I think/hope mine went well. They told me that after the last interview sessions, it would take another 2 weeks before they send out the decisions. So I guess the timeline for decisions should be soon. I'm so nervou...