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  1. studentnurse21

    Memorial Hermann Nurse Residency Application Summer 2021

    I have not received the behavioral assessment yet. which hospitals did you apply to? I applied to TMC and Children’s 🙂
  2. Forum for people to stay updated on the application process for the Nurse Residency at Memorial Hermann. The app opened on the 15th and closed on the 21st.
  3. studentnurse21

    Children's Health Dallas New Grad Residency Summer 2021

    They could be doing HR screening calls! I wouldn’t be worried ab it!! there’s still plenty of time to get a call 🙂
  4. Just a thread for applicants to keep each other updated and ask questions 🙂
  5. studentnurse21

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Summer 2021

    Hi I am a student nurse from in Dallas! Just applied for Pediatric Critical Care 🙂