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    Chemeketa LPN to RN- anyone trying to get in?

    I got an A in PHM 230 and a B in NURS 272. We shall see where I land 🤞 I spoke to faculty for this program and she said that the waitlist can be over 100 and can take one to two years to get in around this time . I’m just hoping that that’s an exaggeration and it won’t take that long.... that’s along time The reason why it takes so long to get in is because as an LPN you can only enter in at the last year of their RN program which means they only have one start date for the bridge program and that is September of each year. So if you don’t get in for the September then you automatically have to go wait to get in for the next year September start also- for CCC - you have to score a min of 77% on Kaplan
  2. Is anyone else trying to get into the Chemeketa LPN to RN program? If so, are you on the list already? How long have you been waiting? I took the Kaplan transition exam this morning. Hoping to get on the list. Curious what happens from here.