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Nurse0229 has 3 years experience and specializes in Cardiac.

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  1. Nurse0229

    Cardiac RN to NICU (level 2 - 3) RN

    Hey Melina!! I got a call from the recruiter today and she will be talking to the hiring manager and call me back tomorrow if I get an interview!! Do you have any suggestions on questions I should ask during the interview? Thank you 🙂
  2. Nurse0229

    Cardiac RN to NICU (level 2 - 3) RN

    Thank you so much Melina! I went ahead and made the jump and applied! If I do get the job I will be terrified but very excited!
  3. Nurse0229

    Cardiac RN to NICU (level 2 - 3) RN

    Hello everyone!! I am currently a cardiac pcu nurse that occasionally floats to the ICU. I have been a cardiac nurse for 3 years now and I think I'm ready for a change. I have wanted to be a nicu nurse or peds nurse since I picked nursing as my career back in high-school. I know nicu is a whole different animal and I'm terrified in that sense, but I suppose who isn't when they start a new job especially a new specialty! I am also excited to start a new journey and a new challenge. I am looking for advice and kind of wanting to know what to expect... especially going from cardiac pcu/ICU to nicu level 2-3.... Another concern I have is starting a new specialty during covid. I'm afraid I won't get the proper training and time that I deserve due to the craziness of the pandemic (I've seen that happen to new hires at my current job) Thank you so much for your time and helping me!!