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Wedgepressure has 4 years experience as a ADN, EMT-B and specializes in CCL RCIS.

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  1. Cath lab duties

    It depends on the lab. In my last lab RNs could scrub, circulate/ back circulate and monitor. We also suture pockets and place and pull arterial and venous sheaths. In my new lab we can do all the same roles just no sutures or access
  2. Pressors with low EF and CHF

    Yeah my option is for specific circumstances, I work in the cath lab. This is what I use in the lab when in making moment by moment clinical decision for someone in cardiogenic shock. In not necessarily calling echo while they are coding or we are ...
  3. Pressors with low EF and CHF

    My thoughts: I want to check an LVEDP to determine fluid volume status. If EDP is greater than 15-20 no fluids necessary go straight to pressors, once on levo or dopamine or epinephrine etc. to maintain MAP >60mmHg consider adding dopamine or mi...
  4. Cath Lab interview

    Read Dr. Morton Kerns cath lab handbook. Best prep you can do!
  5. Cardiac Step down interviewing for Cath Lab

    Hey there! I went in to the lab as a new grad, no prior experience. I would suggest getting Dr. Morton Kerns cath lab hand book, read it 3 or 4 times front to back before your interview and mention that you have done so in your interview, it goes ...
  6. Student in Cath lab- struggling, thinking of quitting

    Oh jeez! That's a lot of stuff to happen! I'll tell you what, you're definitley dealing with a toxic person that should not be percepting. This is not "the industry" this is a crappy person. Anytime I have a student or im percepting a new nurse ...
  7. Upset Over Patient Who Crashed

    Honestly it sounds like a pretty random case with no definitive answer. I wouldn't lose sleep over it. You didn't do anything wrong and checking a mag level for infrequent PVCs is fine, but 2g mag IV is not fixing his problem imo. This may sound b...
  8. How many are in your STEMI team?

    Hi we run 4 man teams in my lab. It's so that we can bill for moderate sedation by having a dedicated sedation nurse.
  9. From your statements on the forum you come off as someone difficult to work with.
  10. Student in Cath lab- struggling, thinking of quitting

    Yeah I can understand that. This may be a struggle that you have to work through for the rest of your career. I think how often you take things personally has a lot to do with personality and temperament. Everyone has a hot button and for me, the ...
  11. Student in Cath lab- struggling, thinking of quitting

    Here's my opinion for what it's worth: The cath lab is a cliquey place by its very nature. We work on a very close level with our colleagues, the good teams are tight and seamless. The goal during a case is to be thinking what everyone else i...
  12. New Cath Lab RN

    Hey there, I would recommend watching the Youtube channel "CCC live cases" it is a monthly live cath lab case Dr.Kini and Dr. Sharma perform from Mt. Sinai NY. They are incredible teachers and it's a great way to start to understand the cath lab pro...
  13. Path to Cath Lab RN

    If you PM me I will send you a bunch of Good info!
  14. Path to Cath Lab RN

    Hi there! Our call is kind of hardcore compared to other labs. We do a whole week straight every 3rd week. We can do anywhere from 0 hrs of call back to 25+hrs. It's very hit or miss. We also take call for all IR procedures. Bigger labs often requ...
  15. The CSTs proof of competency and training has nothing to do with a circulating RNs role or responsibilities. If there was a bad outcome, and you were brought in for a depo regarding a CST doing specific procedures outside of their scope all you would...