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  1. Caroline Keith

    Advice For Workflow Routine

    Your intuition to be thorough is amazing, and KEEP IT UP. There are way too many times coming on shift that we get busy or distracted, and there's a ton of pressure to just go-go-go. Being that thorough is SAFE. I found myself in the same situation i...
  2. Caroline Keith


    5 PCU patients is just plain unsafe, dude. Depending on how heavy/sick, it should be at max 4 or even 3 (that's a stretch, probably only California could swing it). It's a safety issue, but it sounds like you did everything right. What was your load ...
  3. Caroline Keith

    Central Lines in Burn Patients

    In my old burn unit, we didn't regularly replace PIVs or central lines unless indicated, but it still happened, as everything gets ooey-gooey and stuff happens. If the central line was in intact skin, we did our standard CHG patch + sterile central l...
  4. Caroline Keith

    Burn Codes in shower and Defibrillation

    Hey there burn nurses! I feel dumb asking this question, and it's just for my own knowledge. I started Burn ICU training but ended up going to Cardiac ICU, so I never experienced this issue. If you're doing a burn shower (hydrotherapy, however y...