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  1. Sergio Rocha

    San Joaquin Delta College ADN Fall 2021 Applicants

    Hello, I'm so glad I stumbled upon this thread because now I too am going to apply. I already applied to CCSF, Merritt College (Oakland), and Ohlone (Fremont). Most of the schools I applied are in the Bay Area but I'm actually from the 209. I took most of my classes at MJC, but the Fast Track program that BrookNursing mentioned really caught my eye. That would be awesome to get into and finish early. Please BrookNursing keep us updated on what your friends think of the instructors and the curriculum. I would love to know more about Delta's nursing program. Also would love to know where they do clinicals.
  2. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    I think they said they ranked the applicants by points; Top 50 get into fall and 51-100 get Spring
  3. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    @BLazingBetty836 you're so awesome! Thank you for helping us!
  4. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    Thank you so much! How satisfied are you with the program and the instructors? Do you feel they do s good job of teaching you and testing you fairly? What does s typical "busy" day look like for you?
  5. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    Hi BlazingBetty836, I'm super curious as to how is the program going so far? Is it difficult? Where are you doing clinicals? Any advice? Things you wish you knew beforehand Do you recommend the program?
  6. Sergio Rocha

    Ohlone College FALL/Spring 2021/2022

    As long as you include it in the packet, your application is good to go. Weather or not you should send it to school depends if you plan on taking other Non nursing courses. If your not taking any other courses then you don't have to worry about it
  7. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    I'm not too sure about that one. Thats a question better answered by their Nursing department. At the zoom session they said to send a screenshot (or some type of evidence) that your school is only doing electronic transcripts to their email RegisteredNursing@ccsf.edu, but I don't remember too well if you should send the transcripts to CCSF Admissions office or to another email. Probably best to follow up with them.
  8. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    Hi Samazingg, Good question. I think both would work, but I'm not entirely sure. I had my official transcripts sent to my home and then I put everything in an enveloped and sent it to the Nursing department.
  9. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    Same here. I must've emailed them like 3 or 4 times dating back to early January and I haven't gotten a response
  10. Sergio Rocha

    Ohlone College FALL/Spring 2020/2021

    There's no cut off for the application. TEAS cut off is 62%
  11. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    I know it's ridiculous. That's a couple days worth of groceries. Not even all my official sealed transcripts combined cost that much.
  12. Sergio Rocha

    2021 goal?

    That's pretty funny. Can you read when it's noisy? That's probably my biggest obstacle. I have to use earplugs
  13. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    It's okay don't apologize. I do think I remember reading that as well. However I'm like 99.9% sure they said to submit the official scores in ASAP. I remember it because I remember the lady gasping at the fact that it was gonna cost us like $27. She was like wow that's a lot... I'm pretty sure they said to send them in. I know @Elialyn and @Tamara Laguatan were also at the zoom session. Maybe they can chime in when they see this. Worst case scenario I think there are 2 more zoom sessions coming up.
  14. Are you applying to Ohlone?

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    2. Isabel T.

      Isabel T.

      Hey! I did apply to ohlone however, Evergreen is my first choice. I've heard not so good things about Merrit too. And I've heard excellent things about CCSF. Ohlone's reputation is good too. If torn, I'd look at the NCLEX pass rates too to make a decision. Nursing school is nursing school LOL👍

    3. Unmi -ssi

      Unmi -ssi

      Woah you applying to Evergreen too! I lowkey really want to go there because from the classes that I took there and the proximity of it from my place is not far at all. So nervous since the results are coming out this month. Good luck to you and hopefully we got a place that wants us.

      That's alright Sergio, you'll find other places and if anything, just take the required psych class if you really want to. Theres sadly nothing we can do now except to wait, so keep your chin up!

    4. Sergio Rocha

      Sergio Rocha

      @Isabel T. Very true. I only started caring about schools reputation because I was set on going to Merritt, but I've heard several Merritt students suggesting others not to go there. That's really what got me thinking. I'm glad you told me Ohlone has a good reputation because that puts me at ease in case I don't get into CCSF.

      @Unmi -ssi I'm really pushing to get into a program this year. I just have to go with what I get this year even if it means going to Merritt. Your right though, I gotta keep my spirits up no matter what the outcome is.

  15. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    Chemistry and Stats are NOT required for the ADN program! Straight from the horses mouth. Chem and Stats are only required for the ADN-BSN bridge program but it will not stop you from getting accepted into CCSF
  16. Sergio Rocha

    CCSF 2021

    Just got word from the CCSF Nursing instructors. Send in your ATI TEAS official scores electronically with your application and also send in an unofficial copy of it through mail along with your sealed transcripts.