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  1. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    same! ☺️
  2. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    I didn't take it but maybe they changed it? I would double check with the school ? I would like to get to know everyone who got in so we walk in a little less scared (for me at least LOL) ☺️
  3. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    I believe it's something different but I'm not 100% sure. After we applied, a while later we got an email for interviews. Then I think the interview determined who got in. I could be wrong though. Hope this helped ?
  4. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    I got in! ☺️
  5. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    same! I know that's so strange! Hoping for sooner for all of us ☺️
  6. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    MID?! OMG thanks for the update ?
  7. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    Hoping for tomorrow! Every random phone call I get, (aka Scams LOL) gets me excited and then let down ?
  8. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    Sorry! I just wanted to know if anyone heard back at all.. The portal is where we submitted our application right? if it is, all it says is that my application was submitted ?
  9. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    Crying ? but praying for all of us. Hopefully we'll know soon!
  10. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    OMG they told me at the end of this month! ?
  11. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    who else is anxiously waiting ?
  12. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    last year Spring 2020! No I only applied to this school and a school in Oregon. It's OK you got this!! Wishing you all the luck ?
  13. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    I did too actually! and no, I didn't apply to their ABSN program.
  14. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    I have not personally. I just went to CSULB for another degree and decided to go for Nursing. My friend actually attended this program and said that she highly recommended it, so here I am ?
  15. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    Sorry about that! and yes, I am! I don't think I've ever been this nervous before. I just hope they let us know soon
  16. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    @smt Congrats!! I heard that's a really great program. @Karrie I think we need to have our prerequisites done by this Spring if I'm not mistaken?
  17. Mount Saint Mary ABSN 2021

    Hi @Karrie, We actually have a group on here for the Summer potential cohort named "MSMU ABSN Summer 2021" if that's the one you applied for. I think a few of us have been interviewed last week. When I had the interview, they said that I should...
  18. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    Hi @Gracie920 ! I just had mine today so good luck on yours! I feel like they were pretty common interview questions. I used this video to help prepare me https://www.Youtube.com/watch?v=19-lx4XrDdQ&t=44s Hope this helps, you'll d...
  19. Concordia St Paul/Portland ABSN 2021

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of applying for their Summer 2021 Program. How was the process for you?
  20. MSMU ABSN Summer 2021

    Hi! I have my interview on Monday actually. I'm a bit nervous but excited. They said the math exam is going to be after I believe. Good Luck to everyone! :)