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  1. Soooo nervous! Counting down the days ? whatever happens.. don’t give up everyone!
  2. Maricopa CEP Application- 2020-2021

    Keep me posted!! I'll be praying for both of us!
  3. Thank you for responding!! You def. made me feel a bit better. Good luck to you!!
  4. Maricopa CEP Application- 2020-2021

    Hey guys! I figured I'd start a thread so we can all communicate throughout the longggg wait process for acceptance! I just submitted my application yesterday, for CGCC 1st, Mesa 2nd, and Scottsdale 3rd with CEP at NAU. Overall rubric score of 84! Wh...
  5. Hey guys! This website is awesome. Feeling a little discouraged and looking to talk to people in the same boat as I am. I just submitted my application for the 2021 CEP NAU program. 1st choice: Chandler-Gilbert 2nd: Mesa 3rd: Scottsdale. I do no...