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  1. UW Seattle ABSN 2022

    Good luck to you all!
  2. UW Seattle 2021 ABSN

    Do they send the email to the same email address to the application? I have not received any emails from Uw.
  3. UW Seattle 2021 ABSN

    I have not received a call 😞 I will have to try next year again..! Congrats to all who have been accepted!!
  4. 2021 UW-Seattle ABSN

    Don't lose hope yet! We still have till 4pm and also waitlist emails..!!
  5. 2021 UW-Seattle ABSN

    I have not gotten any calls yet 😞 Has anyone received any calls here?
  6. 2021 UW-Seattle ABSN

    Yeah I know I've been curious and nervous to know but probably sometime soon! Maybe they are taking a little longer this year? I previously emailed the admissions. Im not sure if they posted anything yet though!
  7. 2021 UW-Seattle ABSN

    They said they will send out in mid to late Dec. through email. Hope we will hear from them this week! Good luck to everyone!! 🙂