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  1. Binh Ton-That

    Unitek Bakersfield BSN Program

    🙂 I am not even a nurse yet, just started my evening, part-time LVN program last Monday. High-five to your BSN!
  2. Binh Ton-That

    Unitek Bakersfield BSN Program

    I think we are in the same class that started Dec 14. Yes, 36k+ for the LVN program is a lots, and at 40 students in the class Unitek is making good $$$ I don't expect classes at Unitek will be as fun and at par with community college like Mission College, or state university like San Jose State ... but it gives me the chance to do it part-time and in the evening ... so I can still work and do the program. The school is trying hard giving the student all the tools and opportunities. I got all the necessary books, ATI online for NCLEX prep and all other bells and whistles for clinical: scrubs, scopes ... so it's up to me to make it works for me. There is a young kid in the class and he will graduate from high-school next year. I think he is much smarter choosing Unitek to start out than my daughter who tried for the past 3 years to get into the nursing program at SJSU. Maybe he will struggle with waking up at 7am on Saturday, maybe he will failed the NCLEX a few times, but he is going to be working as a nurse much earlier than my daughter. And guess this. I enlisted in the California National Guard, giving 1 weekend a month for the past 3 years, and now the Guard is giving me 18k per year for 4 year to get my nursing license ... so I won't pay that much out-of-pocket. 🙂
  3. Binh Ton-That

    Unitek Bakersfield BSN Program

    There are lots of unsophisticated pre-nursing students here, so let make it simple. don't do the online/out-of-state if you want to practice in California. Even the well-know school like Excelsior College, or brick-and-mortar state school like Indiana State can't offer their online program to California students.
  4. Binh Ton-That

    My Journey

    Amazing! I just started on the same journey. I am 53, male and have been in IT since I came to California and plan to retired from IT a few years from now. Triplets kids are also in high school sophomore years! I found a part-time evening program that I can get the LVN in 16 months, then probably bridge to RN and further. It's not so much for a career for me, but more of a goal in retirement. The concern is more with the teenager kids. They say they don't need you no more and often ignore you, decline your plan for weekend camping, hiking ... but they actually need you home. I was deployed with the military for Covid for 8 months this years and the kids seemingly lost motivation and direction with all the online school and shelter-in-place. I got home last month and they are more happy and focus now even though I do not do much with their routines, just make sure they go to bed, sleep, wake-up, study, eat with a so so schedule. So, maybe find a part-time program or some online classes that you don't disappear on the kid for now.
  5. Binh Ton-That

    Unitek Bakersfield BSN Program

    You will never get your RN in California with online and/or out-of-state school. Even some other states might accept and let you have the license, California will not reciprocate that license.
  6. Binh Ton-That

    Unitek Bakersfield BSN Program

    May I ask what is the cost for this LVN to BSN program?
  7. Binh Ton-That

    LVN Unitek College San Jose

    Hello everyone, I am starting the LVN program at Unitek College San Jose campus next Monday. It is a part-time program with Monday, Wednesday class from 5:30pm to 10:30pm and Saturday clinical from 7:00am to 8:00pm from Dec 14 2020 to July 17, 2022. The program is pretty expensive at 36k and changes comparing to community colleges at a couple of thousand, however the schedule allow me to continue my work and I have been waiting for this chance for a long time. Also, I got GI Bill that pays about 18k per year, so I hope I do not have to pay lots of out-of-pocket. There are lots of bad reviews for the school over the years, and I also experience some inconveniences dealing with some of the administrative people, like not responsive on emails, not following up on details ... but I think they are busy or your priorities are not same as their priorities ... so just go ahead and plan out your courses, communicate clearly and consisely what you like to do to help them. Had the orientation last Wednesday, and the director of the school is very passionate and knowledgeable about the program. She is also very patient wit many of us not listening and keep asking about the exacting she just talks about. She is also a very effective communicator, set out the objectives, cover them, then summarize them at the end, so hopefully most of the students know what to do next. Pickup the books, lab supplies, uniform, student badge last Thursday. The school staff are very helpful despite the Covid precautions. They even let me air-try the uniform and change the size on the spot to ensure I have the best-fitted uniform. The school really plans out everything for the student as compare with community colleges that you will need to get your books and supplies, uniform on your own and some young people might need helps with that. I logged into Canvas and ATITesting.com right away and the information is overwhelm. There is a lots more the school plans out for the students to prepare for the NCLEX and it is from day zero. As an adult student, I appreciate that. I think I will need to spend lots of time, maybe 5-6 hours per day to study the curriculum materials AND also all the soft skills of therapeutic communication, study skills, testing skills and NCLEX preparation right away. Lots of details already. I will keep update my journey in nursing starting with LVN at Unitek College.