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  1. igtgrnokbye

    Should I Quit or Give up? Glucometer Failure 😥

    Did you use the 16 ga lancet?
  2. igtgrnokbye

    Emergency Nursing Areas

    As we get older our mental faculties aren’t what they were, it’s OK. That could also be something else underlying. Wow that’s amazing. I certainly feel like someone would let you do all of that for them. I feel like you’re on ...
  3. You’ll get a job. Just have to figure out what’s going on. Are you considering SNF or LTC?
  4. That seems odd to me that you’re having a hard time in such a large area. How many hospitals have you applied to? Open for night shift ? Followed up with HR?
  5. igtgrnokbye

    Police Officer in Nursing School

    If they hate pre hospital then they are straight up ignorant.
  6. igtgrnokbye

    Police Officer in Nursing School

    Guys I’m telling ya. Pull out those handcuffs and fire hose, flash a little wink wink at your instructor. Bam instant nurse.
  7. igtgrnokbye

    Best stethoscope?

    Still doesn’t matter. Disposable cheapies get the job done unless you have some sort of hearing deficit.
  8. What do you want your speciality to be?