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BetterTomorrowThanToday has 18 years experience and specializes in Flight/ICU-CCU/ER/Paramedic.

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  1. BetterTomorrowThanToday

    Quit Job and Now Accused of Abandonment

    It amazes me that a big, scary corporation will try strong-arm (wrong) tactics against a NURSE that is taking a stand against them. If your attorney is worth their weight in salt or Tic-Tacs or 🐴 💩 they should make blisteringly short work of that madness. And get you an agreed written letter of recommendation to boot. Just a thought (in case they try any back-handed monkey business, like that’s ever happened to anyone) so you can address with your counsel now if you haven’t. Last performance review is your guide. 🤩 Good Luck. Standing for what’s right will always matter. I believe advocacy is job 1.
  2. BetterTomorrowThanToday

    The Things That Come Out Of Your Mouth...

    A woman called and mentioned that her nephew had intestinal worms and she had managed to catch one on the way out, but it tore in half, and being unable to tell if she had the head part or tail part she was unsure if the worm would die or grow a tail back. Me: 😳😳😳 for about 3 seconds as I repeated the essence of the matter to my L hand (also my ER doc). Now my ER doc: 😳😳😳 Me: It’s impossible to say. Was this a large worm? Caller: About a foot long. Me, ER doc & small support group: 😬😬😬 That’s a big worm. We recommend that your nephew be seen by his pediatrician for treatment. Call in the morning and tell them the ED advised you to call to be seen, describe the issue to them. Of course, we are always here, we do recommend that you contact your primary care doc or insurance nurse line for guidance. Worms happen in kids. How old is your nephew? Caller: 17 Me: Your 17 year old nephew actually let you look at his butt and then pull a worm out of it. Wow. (I couldn’t stop myself). ER doc: And remind me again of your previous high-end career in PR and all those witty beauty queen answers you always had ready to share. Me: Bite me.
  3. BetterTomorrowThanToday

    Share Policies That Have Not Saved One Life

    All WHITE uniforms for licensed nurse staff. (while these look very fetching, are a complete PITA or something... nevermind). NO LIVES ARE SAVED!! 😉
  4. BetterTomorrowThanToday

    Nurses make me sick

    Since I’m not on: facebook Youtube Twitter instagram Tik Tok I guess this means I can’t be a hero, an angel and won’t recognized on The Today Show or Ellen for my compassion and selflessness in nursing (or actually doing my job)? So what, big deal. Crying videos? Get some counseling folks — seriously. PTSD is real and there is power in self-care. Go viral? No, let’s hope not!! That means I’ve tested COVID positive and that will burn all my PTO and if I get really sick, who knows what misery or fresh hell my life will be like — if I survive. So confused. 👽 Any revolution in nursing WILL NOT be fueled by social media.
  5. BetterTomorrowThanToday

    Not receiving desired assignments but receiving unwanted assignments?

    “Any tips for receiving more desired assignments at work instead of unwanted assignments? At my workplace, we have gone through many adjustments, including a change in leadership. ..... Lately, due to low census, my duties change from day to day. Because many staff have left, there have been gaps in certain roles to be fulfilled,such as infection control, riskmanagement, chart auditor and admissions coordinator. What is confusing is that every time I am approached about possibly taking on these roles and I enthusiastically volunteer, they are always delegated to someone else.  Meanwhile, I have consistently expressed disinterest in assisting with COVID patients and that task has been delegated to me three times now ...” I’m sorry things are in such flux for you at the moment. LTC nurses are rock stars, as I would not last 1 hour with your regular patient load. 🌟 Also, looks like your facility is to be commended if your residents are not being hit hard with the virus. Kudos!! Strong work going on there! Now, to the issue. Not getting the assignment you want? Getting what you specifically detailed you did not want (and 3 times 👻)? Sounds like evil management or could just be you’ve had 3 shifts working with not-so sick post COVID or otherwise exposed patients. You note plenty of PPE No undue risk, you just don’t enjoy doing it. Could be worse, right? My advice — Go in to work ready to do what is asked of you with a smile and a can-do, must-do attitude! You’ll be noticed. Trust me on this. Go above and beyond. Be the “go to” “get it done” nurse and that label will stick like glue. And do it with a smile. Never stop improving your clinical and administrative practice. That gets you noticed. Songs will be written about you and the parent company will buy you a puppy. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. However, if this assignment issue is a minor annoyance vs something else — only you know. The “jobs” you expressed interest in are all mostly true admin spots and since I don’t know if you have the training to do these “requested” jobs independently or if someone else may be better suited, it’s hard to know if there’s any real issue. It may also be that you are a better clinician and better suited for the role you are being utilized in. Executive admin can have a tough job in the landscape of a rapidly changing facility. If I had that role, I’d want my best clinician caring for patients that have a disease process that could present with sudden decline and I’d let the other admin issues related to admissions, chart audits, infection control admin, risk mgmt (all these purely oversight activities could be in the administrator’s overview as well) sort themselves out as things evolved and stabilized at my facility. My position would be focused on having the best staff available to provide excellent clinical care for our patients/residents — that must come first. If the job and assignment becomes something that you cannot do or are unwilling to do for any reason — it’s really okay to move on. I always look at any job like this: I was looking for a job when I found “this one” and should it get unbearable or violate my safety, that has always been my signal it’s time for an honest gut check on if it’s time to go. Good Luck 🍀 Practice Safe.
  6. BetterTomorrowThanToday

    Season's Greetings to allnurses!

    Congrats on being out of the way at Wrong Way! May retirement be everything! Merry Christmas, 🎄 & Happy New Year! 🎊
  7. BetterTomorrowThanToday

    Can't get covid at work

    Wow. 🐴 💩 I’m not currently working and yep, feel marginally guilty... but... have been off a while d/t a serious injury — mostly recovered, most days tho — that occurred off the job 😥. However, it’s idiocy like this from tptb in admin that will keep me on the farm as safely on the farm as possible. I’m fortunate in that we have the resources that allow me to remain home and also stay well prepared in the pandemic FTR - I haven’t left the farm without an N95 (we had multiple respirators/filters & several cases of disposables here when the pandemic hit, due to the crops we process, farm use & need to remain safe) face shielding, gloves since MARCH. Yep, I think I was a bit ahead of the PPE curve. I’m out infrequently and when I do go out, it’s at crazy early hours & I look like I’m shopping for a family of 15, not just 2. Plus UPS/FedEx/USPS prolly thought I was developed a sudden shopping problem. 🙈 This is scary stuff. If you are over a certain age and/or have underlying health issues it is beyond reckless for an employer to announce that they would not cover you for any illness that could certainly be contracted OTJ. Not to mention that this illness could be fatal. I think if that’s an employer’s position, nurses should not care for unknown or COVID+ patients. There. Problem solved for admin. Let nursing admins come take care of the COVID+ wards. Bet that 🐴💩gets shoveled up real fast.
  8. BetterTomorrowThanToday

    NBC's The Nurses - Just another nurse show?

    PAINful. 🤮 ”The ER is like high school with dying”. 🤬 Nope. Life is short. I’ve got too many other things to do.
  9. As noted, some systems just suck. But even If the system isn’t toxic, there are certainly areas within all systems that aren’t nurse friendly. You have a solid background. You’ve had a run of bad health luck or consequences. So, a solid nursing positive. And a scary to HR nursing negative (don’t focus on it, but nurses with brittle health issues make HR twitchy as disability claims can arise — fair or not, it is real). Focus on your physical and emotional recovery, realistically look at what your health will allow and go forward. You’ve got this. Go forward. List the employer as a disclosure, explaining that you had some “family/personal/health” issues that have resolved and unfortunately the new job did not work out. That your “issues” are fully resolved. FTR — no employer can ask about your health, nor should you volunteer anything until post job offer and then it’s an issue of can you meet the physical demands of the position. (I.E. — lift 50 pounds from ground to table alone or 150 pounds with assistance, push 200 pounds, reach overhead, dexterity, hearing, etc.). I would think that given today’s litigation climate, few ex-employers will disclose much about a departed employee. (Nothing health related, only date of hire/departure and perhaps if eligible for rehire — which being “let go” during an orientation/probationary period — I think it’s less likely they even state “ineligible” for rehire). Just my opinion, tho. There are companies that will check your application and references and record all given responses to you. Might give you peace to invest in one. If you find that anyone is giving out of context negative info, a few hundred on a cease and desist letter from an attorney will likely stop that cold. Keep in mind that they were needing nurses when you were hired and most employers have lots to do to keep things running and dealing with an ex-employee that had a run of health problems will take away from the time they have to deal with their real issues. Just a thought. Good luck. Move on. Don’t let this suck your energy away or keep you from good. 🍀