What group will COVID target next?


I wonder if COVID-19 mutates again (and it will) — cause hey it’s a virus and it’s just doing what it wants to do — what will drive the resistant to finally get vaccinated? 

Personally, I say it will be the version that causes a sniffle for the unvaccinated who track it home AND THIS IS BIG ——

KILLS 80-90% of DOGS and CATS! 

like POOF! 

NO MORE Fluffy or FIDO. 

NO way to treat. 

Coronaviruses are big in the animal world. I say we get ahead of that now and save our furry friends y’all. 

? ? 

Clearly killing off older folks ??‍♀️
Making kids sick ??‍♀️
Are you ready to lose your dogs/cats? 
I’m not. I’m vaccinated and booster ready. 

Hate away if you must, I’ve got my nomex undies on.
I just want all to be well and we can all be around to fight the good fight about bigger issues when this is over. 


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Well if they don't care about their fellow man, maybe their pets. Who knows.