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  1. SeeThruFaded

    CPS flag

    Hi RNHopes, Thanks for your reply! I was just sitting around obsessing about this and saw you had replied. I'm sorry you are still waiting too.. It's just torturous how long the BON takes to reply. I wouldn't even had known what happened if I hadn't called pcshq. I've been so depressed about this, haven't really been studying because there's not much point until I hear back. It's very hard to find any info on situations like ours. There's a lot about having CPS cases expunged, but since neither of us knew there was a problem until the BON found it, I don't think it would help right now. I tend to think that in your situation, having your LPN license for so long would be a good thing. You've already proven to be a good safe nurse. But I can also understand how you would be stressed about them going after that too- it's the unknown that is so scary. Not knowing how they are going to view everything. I'm also finding it so insulting and humiliating knowing that anyone out there is thinking that I neglected my kids (although I know they don't even know "me", I'm just another file to the people reviewing this). I'll keep you posted if I hear anything. I hope you get your ATT soon! I check my email a million times a day and feel discouraged every time I see nothing.
  2. SeeThruFaded

    CPS flag

    Hi RNHopes, I hope you read this since you've gotten no replies- we can't be the only ones in this boat though! First if all, I'm very sorry that your ex abused your baby- terrible thing for you and your daughter to go through. But you did the right thing and got rid of him- all you can do is move on, which you have done. I'm in a similar situation except I was unaware that the neglect claims were "substantiated". A neighbor called CPS on me accusing me of child neglect and CPS came out twice. First time the house was a mess- worst day they could have shown up, we had JUST returned from camping so we were all looking rather grubby and the house was a mess. Second time they showed up on a normal day, said all is fine and they would close the case. Thinking of it now, that means they must have opened a case to begin with. It was 18 years ago so my memories are vague- I wish I could find some paperwork on it. I also worked with a vulnerable population and have had backround checks done every year, including a Livescan. Nothing ever showed up... until I applied for the NCLEX PN and heard nothing for over a month. Finally I got pcshq on the phone and they told me "something" came up on the CPS check. That is the only thing I can think of, so it must be that. I'm getting the Adam Walsh form notarized so I can get a copy of my records. They must look at it on a case by case basis- otherwise they would have denied us just on the basis of showing up on the registry. It seems to me that we should both be cleared since neither of us abused or neglected our kids, but I don't trust the system. I don't know how they said my case was substantiated- could they have lied? Although they would then have to explain why they only came out twice. It's very frightening and not knowing how long it will take is awful. I hope that you hear from the BON soon and get your ATT. Please post updates or PM me- I could not PM you since my account is new. Good luck!
  3. SeeThruFaded

    Shocked- I'm on CPS registry?!

    I'm hoping someone has some experience or advice because I'm just so upset and discouraged right now. Originally I was concerned about an 18 yr old DUI but I researched and found that since I was never convicted, it did not need to be disclosed (actually says that very clearly on the Good Moral Character worksheet). So I figured I'm fine! But my ATT still wasn't arriving. Finally I got through to pcshq and I was told that something came up on the Adam Walsh/CPS registry check. The only dealings I ever had with CPS is the same year as my DUI, one of my neighbors got angry at me and called CPS, saying my kids were neglected. They were definitely not neglected. I was not in a great place personally at the time- my kids father had died a couple years prior, I foolishly remarried and had separated, my choice in men was not the greatest, and I went out drinking with my girlfriends (hence the DUI) and had loud parties on the weekends when my kids were at my mom's. However, that does not equal child neglect. My kids were healthy, happy, well fed, well dressed and clean, loved, and supervised. CPS came out to my house twice. The first time, we had just gotten home from camping and the house was a mess, which apparently concerned them enough to warrant a second visit. They did talk to the kids without me present in the room, with my permission, and noted that there were no concerns there. The second visit, they popped in on a normal day, saw that all was well, and that was the last time I saw them. This was 18 years ago but I do remember calling them to be certain that they had closed the case. I wish I had paperwork or could remember more details. But I assumed that my name was cleared and didn't really think more of it. I have also worked with DDS individuals and at LTC for the past decade, and never encountered a problem. So I am shocked that something came up. I'm going to get the Adam Walsh form notarized so I can get my records on Monday. But I'm really scared about this and so angry because although I'm not perfect and have made my mistakes, I was always a good mom. My kids are outraged about this because they know the kind of mom I was/am and how much becoming a nurse means to me. Is there anything else I should be doing? Has anyone been through something like this? Thanks.
  4. SeeThruFaded

    DOC guilt-tripping me to accept call-ins

    AmoLucia, yeah the word "harass" wasn't a good choice of words- sounded harsher than I meant it to. I didn't mean to imply that any supervisor that calls staff to ask them to work is wrong to do so or that it's somehow optional for them. And of course many supervisors are very professional in the way they ask. I know it's part of the job and I wouldn't want to have to do it! Usually, both supervisors and staff/nurses are working under the constraints and budget of the administration. I think some places would like to have more staff but simply can't get or hold onto them. The other day when I replied happened to be a day when I had gotten asked a few days in a row to cover shifts although I said I'm not able to pick up extra shifts at this point in my life. It gets frustrating. I think that staff that call out because they see that there is adequate coverage are kinda ruining it for everyone. Although I do see how that could happen if it's impossible to plan time off- I guess ppl just take opportunities as they see them. That's not something I could do- I may not cover shortages but at least I don't create them.