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Curious1997 has 13 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Psych, Medical.

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  1. Curious1997

    Vacation Destinations!

    Never been to India but I have hit the Seychelles, Mauritius, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Took 3 months off. Essentially back packed it rough. Loved the food scene, especially Thailand and Vietnam. Seychelles curries are amazing.
  2. Curious1997

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    Just wondering how do you feel about Trump getting the vaccine on the sly with Melania and not saying anything until CPAC and quietly? Ever wonder about how many more lies he may have misled you with?
  3. Curious1997

    Majorie Taylor Greene, New Episode!

    Thanks for not regarding me as ignorant. Also I really didn't know that the meme would be insulting and I apologize if it was. I do feel insulted but only by people I care about like my family and close friends. Anyone else actually really don't matter unless I'm in the mood for some entertainment. Stay strong brother and I don't know if that's how I should address you but please feel free to correct me. Myself, you can call me any name in the book and it won't matter one bit. If I'm hearing correctly, you are gay. In compensation here's a tip. My parents used to watch this British series called Vicious with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi. You should check it out. It's brilliant. I warn you that you will feel insecure about your intelligence after. It might have been scripted but my experience of gay people in the UK isn't far off from the wit these gentlemen possess.
  4. Curious1997

    Looking for thoughts/opinions of experienced nurses

    NMS has pretty evident symptoms. That is some seriously low BP however even with those meds. Orthostatic hypo maybe? Dehydration.... Confused elderly patients and fluid intake? That low BP is confusing and needs checking out.
  5. Curious1997

    Nursing and Children

    Kudos! You are someone I would get along with well. I adore my nephews and nieces 👌👌.
  6. Curious1997

    Majorie Taylor Greene, New Episode!

    Tweety only ignorant people use insults or derogatory comments to gain an upper hand. Sometimes it's meant in jest but if it isn't, believe me, engaging with idiots or trying to educate them is a waste of your valuable time. You are responsible for your own happiness and how you respond to the world. Don't let anyone take that choice away from you. You focus on you and what you want. I enjoy some of the insults thrown at me because they are witty and funny. The only reason they resort to name calling etc is because it's worked for them before because someone gave them that power. Now not meant to be insulting but if I'm in the mood for some banter, I respond. Sometimes it's good fun. If you don't get angry, you own them, not that owning an idiot is worth it. Dude if you visited the UK often, you won't believe what people say there and everyone ignores it. Brits are harsh! But they describe it as just taking the piss. And it really is! I can only speak to my truth. I don't get insulted by anything so it's difficult for me to understand why other people allow someone else to own them. I own me and I'm responsible for how other people make me feel! I can't for the life of me understand how majorie Taylor Greene or Trump is able to insult anyone? I would make them cry like a hungry baby. Jesus, do you have any idea how easily it would be to make either of them run for cover? They are both vain and insecure. OMG, I would enjoy five minutes with either. MJT with that forehead and Trump with that hair!
  7. Curious1997

    Majorie Taylor Greene, New Episode!

    You are heard and I acknowledged that. This wasn't a dig at you, it's just that your post encapsulated this overly sensitive hyper political correctness that is eroding this country's ability to communicate and producing both men and women who are always wondering who they might be offending next. Unless I actually understand how or why an individual would feel I offended them and it has to make sense, I am not going to apologize because their sensitive feelings were hurt! I honestly don't believe in this political correctness lark. I think it's an excuse for people not doing the work that builds the emotional muscles. Suppose you ran into a Dutchman or someone from the north of England etc, these are incredibly blunt people who say exactly what's on their minds but are not being offensive. It's their cultural behaviors. I love Puerto Rican food, women and reggaeton also ragamuffin dance house and Jamaicans do not hold back (and why should they?) I get insulted every time I go to my favorite places to eat, dance or indulge, but it's their way and it doesn't offend me in the slightest. There aren't many blond, giant, blue eyed men in the Puerto Rican district or a Jamaican club. If I am being honest, my family are the very worst re calling each other names but then they have Irish and British ancestry. No one gets offended! My gay friends are the worst re insulting people but it's done in fun and banter. Lately because of the Stephen King character, it's Tom Cullen, the mentally challenged man. I don't give two hoots! Didn't Trump just proved how racist and homophobic (don't even know if that's politically correct) this country is? Did anyone really think that because racism was frowned upon pre Trump, that it really was solved? You have to build emotional muscles in the same way that you build physical muscles. You also cannot give anyone the ownership of your pain or INSECURITIES, because there are many people like my family who will torture you. Sticks and stones as opposed to WORDS! I admit that very little offends me if anything really. I have the people whose words guide me and NO ONE ELSE is allowed to hijack my feelings especially with words or sentiment. In fact it just makes me stronger and more determined if someone tries to deliberately insult or hurt me. I see it as a failure on my part if I allowed someone that privilege! By the way Tweety, that's another thing that burns my shorts. Cultural Appropriation! It's only ignorant Americans who engage in that ***. Everyone takes from everyone! Society is an amalgamation of ideas and so it should be. No one owns good ideas! There isn't a single society that isn't influenced by those that went before and by pointing out the differences is the slippery slope! We are people, just that. What's cultural Appropriation is actually paying respect to the superior quality being used! Except, NO ONE SHOULD appropriate the pickled herrings my Swedish family members sometimes eat for breakfast! Those things are weapons! The smell is horrendous and should be used to stop wars!
  8. Curious1997

    Little Miss Know-it-all

    Could be she's just passionate and is excited about being where she is. You don't know her story and haven't walked in her shoes. Great advice from everyone here, I would take it in. Personally, I don't think it's anyone's business to influence her behaviors unless you see something bad likely to happen to her, you should warn her regardless of her response. I would explore why she bothers you for future reasons though. An unexamined life is not worth living. Take that to the bank! It's really, really good advice for future happiness.
  9. Curious1997

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    Possibly more cute 😍😘🤔🤗?
  10. Curious1997

    Majorie Taylor Greene, New Episode!

    I take your point and understand what you are saying and you know that I am joking. But we are all caricatures of something or someone. As a white male, am I a KKK representation or anything like Hawley or McConnell or Jeffrey Epstien etc? I think we have to stop being so sensitive and start looking at the context. I have memes of Trump as an ape, a dog, a horse, a blowhard, fat white man, a racist etc. Should I worry that I will offend all of those animals and people? I know really funny jokes about jews, catholics, priests, women, men, Asians, Hispanics etc. I don't like a world where I am policed constantly because it really makes me resent the police. I am made fun of by my black, Asian, gay, Hispanic friends all the time and it doesn't bother me a little bit because I am allowed to give as good as I get. If any became overly sensitive for a silly reason instead of a valid concern, we won't be friends anymore. We know what each other represents and we understand the context of humor. My dad listens to people like Alf Garnet, Bernie Manning and Jim Richardson, British occasionally racist comedians because they are seriously funny but I have seen Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor also being very racist, but I won't stop listening to them because they are also seriously funny! If Trump says something racist, he means it, but not Biden because he's just kidding. Sort of like AL Franken, costing us a brilliant senator because of overreacting.
  11. Curious1997

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    You are only saying that so we can watch Frodo 😂😅🤣🐶🐕
  12. Curious1997

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    He quietly did but, after what period of time did he do this and what does it say that instead of telling everyone in January when he got it, he kept silent?
  13. Curious1997

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    Donald And Melania Trump Quietly Received COVID-19 Vaccine In January! I'm sorry, what are they saying to their supporters? Does the statement 'I like the uneducated people' mean something? Who said something like that? Will Fox or the right wing media report this?
  14. Curious1997

    Getting Flack For Not Getting Covid Vaccine

    I wish I understood what's this obsession with bullying? Why can't another person express themselves as they choose without someone selectively disregarding the context and concentrating on tone? This is the reason why we have this divide in the country! A republican says something so we immediately decide it's nonsense instead of listening to what's been said instead of the fact that it's a republican. I like blunt people because they are generally honest and there's less manipulation. I like Trump because of his bluntness but I understand that he's a sociopath and narcissist so everything he says is compromised. But, if you dismiss a McConnell or Cotton because of their politics, then you will miss exactly how you are going to be cheated down the road. Look at how many people dismiss Dr Fauci because he's a liberal and how many have paid with their lives and loved ones lives because of that mistake! Stop focusing on tone and more on the content of what's being said.
  15. Well you're married toomuchbaloney, for us single younger guys it's a bit more difficult. Not only do we not have the experience of repression but we have hormones that are raging. Some of us love female company more than others and working with nurses who are gentle and compassionate erodes logic and control. You usually know your work colleagues better than someone who you might meet at the supermarket or library and with masking ,it is even more difficult for guys. I would prefer to date someone I know at work but, These are very trying times and now with Cuomo, it just brings back AL Franken memories who IMO was extremely unlucky. I get the stripper thing that happened to you but only because preferentially I don't understand the appeal of strippers. I always begin thinking about the woman having to resort to these men visually groping her and leering. I go with my buddies sometimes but for business purposes. I own thirteen apartments which I rent out and the stripper club owner has a cleaning business that I use. I get free wings and beer so I have an incentive. But I always feel sorry for the girls and I am not sure if it's the right way to react because I hate casting judgment. 'look at the beam in your eyes before you tell someone about the splinter in their's'
  16. Goering 😂🤣😅🤔🎤