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  1. UndefinedFire

    Coast Mountain College Fall 2021 Intake

    I just sent screen shots of my highschool transcripts and Uni transcripts. Then I sent my official highschool transcripts in and I didn't even get a chance to send my official university transcript before they accepted! Good luck to you and I hope this helps!
  2. UndefinedFire

    Coast Mountain College Fall 2021 Intake

    Hey there I just got into coast mountain college too!!
  3. UndefinedFire

    College Of The Rockies Fall 2021

    hey are they releasing results at the end of march through email?
  4. UndefinedFire

    KPU BPN May 2020

    Thats really great ! If you don’t mind me asking what’s your GPA like ? And is your volunteer hours more that 30?
  5. UndefinedFire

    KPU: Fall 2020 BSN Intake

    Hey I saw that there’s a facebook page for the 2020 BSN intake it was posted on health foundations group on facebook they made another private group I also plan to declare after next semester but it’s really competitive GPA? do you guys know how high it’s going to be ? Also do you guys know the GPA cut off for the BPN program Im having trouble finding volunteer experience because of covid 19 😕
  6. UndefinedFire

    COTR FALL 2020

    Hey guys if you don’t mind me asking what was your GPA into this program ?
  7. UndefinedFire

    Nursing at College of the Rockies

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever read. I’m sorry she said this about you. hey did you report this teacher ?? also why would she call you this, was it because she’s being discriminatory to you or any racist undertones towards you? this seriously pisses me off but hey you got to experience a whole different place in Australia now I want to apply to this school but I’m scared they will come after me as I’m very shy / awkward during beginning of the semester
  8. UndefinedFire

    KPU BPN May 2020

    I was beyond shocked to read that both of you didn't get in for this intake 😞 Are you both going to reaaply and did they tell you what the GPA cut off what for the BPN program? I feel as though it's not fair for BSN students to declare into BPN. They are not passionate about psych nursing and are only applying to secure a spot such a piss off. oh well, I hope next intake is more lenient 😕