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    Covid pay

    I work on a medical surgical floor with telemetry. We have two wings. One wing is for covid and the other for non-covid. Beginning in June we were getting covid incentive pay which was $20 increase per hr. During this time our covid numbers were low. I’m in South Carolina. Then in November they took the covid pay away and now numbers of covid are rising. Other nurses are getting covid pay that work in the same hospital company but we are not. We were told that we are no longer getting covid pay because we have travelers. But we also had travelers when we were getting covid pay. The intent was for travelers to work on the covid side. However, since a traveler made a smart remark to infectious disease and was non compliant with PPE they are no longer putting travelers over there but using them to take regular patients without covid while the regular staff take care of the covid patients. This is the managers decision. The manager has stated we should feel privileged to take care of covid patients because she trusts us more with them than travelers. Also the CCU in our hospital is getting covid pay but this is through the grapevine. A nurse in the CCU in our hospital said they were trying to keep it quiet so other departments didn’t get upset about it. Are there any actions I can take or should I just look for another job?