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The Seasoned Nurse has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Trauma ICU.

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  1. The Seasoned Nurse

    The Role of Nurses in Country-Wide Vaccine Education

    Thank you for this! Nurses have to be the example and educate with science rather than conspiracy.
  2. The Seasoned Nurse

    Promising Smoking Cessation Option: Brain Stimulator Now Approved

    This is fascinating! I’m interested in learning about the long-term effects of this treatment. If the individual smokes a cigarette in the future, will they fall right back into their old habits? Will there be side effects not currently known? So muc...
  3. The Seasoned Nurse

    Looking for advice

    The bridge program will give you time to master your bedside skills. Too many nurses go into NP school too quickly causing the profession to become diluted. The schools only have one motivation: to make money. They will push you into programs you are...
  4. The Seasoned Nurse

    Reluctant Heroes: Thoughts On COVID-19

    Yes this experience has been extremely taxing. We have to stick together because we have no option except to go through it. If you are at a low point, you are not alone. If you are having a positive day, pull someone up with you. This will be o...
  5. The Seasoned Nurse

    Strange Question

    That sounds unconventional but I like it. A nurse in an infusion clinic must be good at starting IVs. Remember to grab a warm compress and allow the alcohol to dry entirely. They may be watching to see you following protocols. Good luck!
  6. The Seasoned Nurse

    It's Time to Tell the World about ICU Nursing

    I agree that working in the unit fosters greater collaboration between nurses and physicians. Good communication between providers and nurses is crucial to providing excellent care to our patients. This interdisciplinary partnership needs to be appli...
  7. The Seasoned Nurse

    Motivation - Whoo-Hoo! And Discipline - Boo

    Focusing on my long term goals always helps me maintain the discipline to keep going. It is a challenge to stay motivated but so worth it to see your goals through to the end. I like the advice from the Instagram founder about making yourself do some...
  8. The Seasoned Nurse

    RN ADN

    This part of your response is very much on point. I am concerned that accepting everyone into Nurse Practitioner programs with little discernment dilutes the profession. Significant experience should be a minimum requirement before acceptance into an...
  9. Me too. It’s just a vaccine at the end of the day. A vaccine with a lot of hype, but still just a vaccine.
  10. I loved the part about communication. I’m a firm believer that good communication can solve most of the world’s problems. It starts with listening to each other and speaking respectfully. Good leaders are humble and lead by example. Thank you for a g...
  11. The Seasoned Nurse

    Covid Vaccines

    I’m afraid there will be a significant number of people who will not take it because 1. COVID conspiracies and 2. Vaccine conspiracies are creating a perfect storm of mistrust. Nurses on the frontlines need all of the accurate i...
  12. The Seasoned Nurse

    NP Student, highly wanting to do med school?

    It sounds like medical school is what you really want to do. I say go for it. Your experience as a nurse will make you a stronger physician. Your awareness of the nurse workflow and what they actually do at the bedside will help you when crafting tre...
  13. The Seasoned Nurse

    Meltdown at Work and Feel like a Failure

    You are not at all a failure! Like Nurse Beth said, you passed your boards and succeeded in becoming a nurse. You’re doing it! Give yourself credit! I hear a lot of negative self-talk and I can tell you from personal experience that your inner d...
  14. After five years at the bedside working in a Trauma ICU, I look back fondly on my time in nursing school. I recall walking into the Trauma Unit as a practicum student, listening to report on a young gunshot wound patient, and feeling terrified. Model...
  15. The Seasoned Nurse

    New Grad applying for NCCU

    I think there are plenty of ICUs willing to hire new grads. When I started ICU straight out of school, they told me they wanted fresh graduates free from bad habits. Emphasize your excitement to learn and demonstrate in the interview that you’v...