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NursesDontNeedChairstoChart12hrShift's Latest Activity

  1. NursesDontNeedChairstoChart12hrShift

    Toxic relationship with nursing

    being a hospital RN is not worth it...Upper management does not get it and does not care, nurses are dispensable and overworked, and most importantly not truly respected sadly.
  2. NursesDontNeedChairstoChart12hrShift

    Why be a floor nurse when they don't care?

    first no N-95 masks for RNs in the beginning of the pandemic and now take away our chairs and ability to chart and rest for a few minutes..... Pathetic really and embarrassing that any professional would accept this type of treatment, we need to do something. Unacceptable.
  3. NursesDontNeedChairstoChart12hrShift

    Why be a floor nurse when they don't care?

    in the last newsletter for our nursing unit it read that they will be removing chairs/terminals per "upper management and the expectation is that RNs should chart in patient rooms or in the "hallways" with very limited dedicated space for charting at a workstation...in a time where nurses are stressed, overworked, and facing so many challenges I am surprised Legacy Health, one of Oregon's largest hospital systems is doing this to their beloved RN heroes.... I guess we are not so respected and beloved...and I guess none of them have worked 12 hours straight running their tail off taking care of sick people and cannot realize the importance of focused charting and some time to rest our feet. Besides the reality that sick patients do not want an RN charting in their patient room for an extended period of time...when a nurse is in the room they expect you to be providing care not typing and disturbing them for over 5 minutes. Is this really true Upper Management? Is this what you want for your RNs and patients?
  4. NursesDontNeedChairstoChart12hrShift

    Legacy Health Good Samaritan - Last Nursing Unit Newsletter states

    per "Upper Management" throughout Legacy, they have and will be removing chairs and workstations...the expectation is that nurses should chart "standing" in patient rooms or out in the hallway...Nurses don't need need chairs right? Honestly, a 12 hour shift is fatiguing and nurses burnout with chairs to chart with...smart move to remove the chairs and work stations to burn them out faster. Choose a hospital to work at that that understands that nurses need terminals and chairs to chart assessments, progress notes, admissions, discharges...Patients want to rest and don't want their nurse sitting in their room charting and making noise...Not smart for RN retention or Patient Satisfaction. Bad move Legacy Health. At a time when nurses are overworked, stressed, risking their own health and their families you decided to do this... yes, some charting can be done in a patient room at the time of care, but definitely not all...Patients want "care" not to watch you typing into a computer and not looking at them...you are there to serve them and they will be upset if you use their room as your charting station...good luck with that.