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  1. Twillight Ravensoul

    What books are you using?

    My friends and I are almost done with school (CNA to LPN) and some of us are looking forward. To those of you who are already in LPN to RN classes, what text books are you guys using? We want to go ahead and be preparing ourselves for the next step and it helped me IMMENSELY to get a hold of text books for CNA to LPN and write down things I found to be confusing ahead of time so I could be ready to ask for clarification (if the teacher didn't automatically go over it.)
  2. Twillight Ravensoul

    Are there independent LPN preceptors?

    Two of my co-workers and I are in a private nursing school. Fortunately, everything is legit but due to Covid they have gotten creative with clinicals. We could either fly to Texas and do our clinicals or do a preceptorship at our job. We were on track to finish up on time when Covid cases started turning up at our job. Now everything is chaotic, people are quitting, and they're saying they're too short staffed to fulfill our preceptorship. We could still fly to Texas...next year with the class behind us but I don't want to forget my skills or what I've learned. Are there independent preceptors or places that one can go to complete their clinicals in NC?