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  1. Do you work with PA lines often? Are they really a thing of the past?

    That's awesome info. The Edwards rep failed to mention the 15-minute delay... It's funny you say thermodilution with a saline flush is more accurate as one of our older docs swears by it yet none of the young docs have a problem with flotrac/hemosphe...
  2. ECMO transducer level

    "but the online forums written by completely anonymous and unverified strangers said to level to the phlebostatic axis"
  3. Do you work with PA lines often? Are they really a thing of the past?

    Hmmmm now you have me curious why hemospheres and ev1000's are hooked up to a swan vs an Aline... Does anyone know? Swan more accurate? More info? in our CVICU we use swans all the time. Nurses cant wedge even when a doc says to. The nurses are train...
  4. Good ICU reference book?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a good reference book or website that I can quickly look up diseases and surgeries I have never heard of and quickly know some common complications/what to look out for. My old med surg books from school are not...
  5. Possible Typos Found in Textbook

    Hello, I believe I have found typos in my textbook. I am curious what y'all think? See the photos below. 1st typo: hypotonic dehydration is listed twice when the first one should be isotonic dehydration. 2nd typo: the text claims ca...