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  1. Hello! I was recently accepted to the ABSN program and am now looking to get my titers and a physical, but am finding that a lot of doctors are booked through June...we need these lab results posted by July 15th. Anyone know of a doctor or office nea...
  2. Thank you so much for clarifying! I think I may reschedule it regardless just to play it safe. Best of luck to you!
  3. Oh did Molloy not mandate that you retake it with those scores? Maybe I should hold off on rescheduling until I speak to them.
  4. Okay that is somewhat relieving. I see I can register for next Saturday which is the only date that will work in a while for me due to work. Did they say if you should still submit both test scores to Molloy? I would hate to see the 100 in Math go to...
  5. Thanks for your reply. Okay I guess I should plan to retake it, as frustrating as it is. Did they say anything about having to wait a certain period of time before retaking it for it to count? I know some programs are specific with how often you can ...
  6. Nurse2Be248

    Molloy Accelerated BS/MS Fall 2020

    Hi! I’m applying for Fall 2021 and believe I may be under the same conditions you were. I scored a 78.7 on Reading with a 100 on math. When you say you scored low on English I assume you mean reading since they only look at reading and math? I saw so...
  7. Nurse2Be248

    Molloy College BSN Spring 2021

    Hi! I stumbled across your post today after I took my TEAS (already applied to Molloy for Fall 2021) and I earned a 78.7 on reading and a 100 on math. Were you told by an admissions counselor that the minimum for reading is a 76? I can’t seem to find...
  8. I actually just took the TEAS and earned these IDENTICAL scores. I got a 78.7 on reading and a 100 on math. I know you said they required an 80 on reading, but when I calculated it out of the total questions, a 78.7% is 1 question below! Did an admis...
  9. I am in the process of applying now. Did you send in all your materials at once? I was going to hold off to apply until I finish my TEAS (scheduled for December) but maybe I should apply now and send it after? I know that you can send in your materia...
  10. Nurse2Be248

    Stony Brook ABSN Class of 2022

    I took a class called Systems Physiology. I also took a Cellular Biology course. Does anyone know if these will count for A&P I and Microbio?