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  1. CPCC Spring 2022

    If you’re worried there’s no harm in calling to check for peace of mind!
  2. CPCC Spring 2022

    If you didn’t get an email about priority registration I would call them to make sure they received your confirmation..
  3. CPCC Spring 2022

    Everything's all good and squared away~ I don't think you need to be worried about the validity. ? Congrats! I got in too!! Congrats to everybody! Looking forward to seeing y'all at orientation!
  4. CPCC Spring 2022

  5. CPCC Spring 2022

    Did they say what they were going to do to fix it? I’m assuming the rejection doesn’t stand then, right? That wouldn’t make sense to penalize you for their error..
  6. Hmmm

    1. peanutNC


      Did they say the mistake made was that the emails were sent out wrong??

  7. CPCC Spring 2022

    Did they say what the mistake was? Do you mean the emails were sent out erroneously? I wonder if they were hacked again!
  8. CPCC Spring 2022

    Congratulations! If you got in with 49 points I wonder what happened with my application... I thought admissions was based on scores?
  9. CPCC Spring 2022

    How were decisions made so early this year?! I had a 52 and I just got an email saying I didn't get in... The pool must have been super competitive this year...
  10. Duke ABSN Fall 2021

    Nope, it’s still “under review!” Based on previous threads I think we can hope for results during the first week of March!
  11. Duke ABSN Fall 2021

    IIRC, my status has been “under review” since the first week of December ? Good luck to everyone!
  12. Duke ABSN Fall 2021

    I think I read somewhere that we should expect to hear back in March? Seems so far away!! Good luck to everyone~
  13. Duke ABSN Fall 2021

    Yes, everything is due Dec 1, including the merit essay and recommendations. Once you submit your app, when you sign back into the student services portal the screen will have changed and there’s a tab where you can manage all your submissions (trans...
  14. Duke ABSN Fall 2021

    Hi everyone! I read through posts from previous DUSON ABSN cycles while completing my application and they were very helpful, but I noticed there were no new posts for the current application cycle, so I thought I'd start one. Just submitte...