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  1. UIW Fall 2021

    Some of us also applied to UTHSCSA! This is my second time applying to UTHSCSA as well!!
  2. UIW Fall 2021

    Haha same!! I'd love to go to either school! I was waitlisted last semester at UTHSCSA so I'm really hoping I get into either as well. I think I won't be as nervous going into the interview this time hopefully LOL and yes of course! I'm hoping more p...
  3. UIW Fall 2021

    I created a groupme so anyone applying to UIW Fall 2021 can join and communicate with one another about school stuff ? You're invited to my new group 'UIW Traditional Nursing BSN Fall 2021' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com...
  4. UIW Fall 2021

    I've taken the TEAS twice. I got a 73.3% this last time. I was hoping for an 80 or higher but I'm just happy I majorly improved my scores in all the sections from the first time I took it. I bet you did great!! Don't worry! I know they look at many o...
  5. UTMB Fall 2021

    No not yet I don't think but we should have one! If you make one please send the link ?
  6. UIW Fall 2021

    Hey it's nice to meet you! ? I'm rooting for us!! From previous forums I've read I think we may know admissions decisions by early march but we shall see I guess I'm so nervous but excited and ready
  7. UIW Spring 2021

    Did any of you have to do a interview or were you just admitted? I've been wondering due to COVID
  8. UTMB Fall 2021

    I submitted everything two days before the Feb 1st deadline and everything was verified the next day. UTMB sent me the supplemental application about 3 days later so if you haven't received the supplemental application yet I wouldn't worry! I have al...
  9. UTMB Fall 2021

    I'm pretty sure all transcripts and the application has to be in the "verified" stage by the program deadline in order for the school to include it with the other applications but I would double check that. You can see the status of every program app...
  10. UTMB Fall 2021

    I didn't attach a resume because I felt like it would've been repetitive of my application but IDK now ugh ? I'm from San Antonio so I'm applying to other schools as well
  11. UTMB Fall 2021

    Hey everyone getting so nervous!! I just submitted my application ??? did all of y'all attach a resume or no?
  12. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Traditional BSN

    My overall is a 3.45 GPA and my prereq is a 3.60 GPA. I believe the prereq GPA includes the bolded math and science courses under the traditional nursing information located on their website. They are waiving the TEAS exam again too! Good luck to you...
  13. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Traditional BSN

    Hey girl! Try this link :) https://sonadmissions.uthscsa.edu/payment.aspx Let me know if that works for you! I am also applying to UTHSCSA for Traditional BSN Fall 2021. This will be my second time applying, I was originally waitlist...
  14. UIW Fall 2021

    Hey everyone. I have yet to find a forum post for UIW Traditional Fall 2021 so I wanted to start one! Anyone else applying for this term? If so, what are your stats? My pre-req GPA: 3.63 Cumulative GPA: 3.45 I took my TEAS test over a ...
  15. UTMB Fall 2021

    Hey you guys! My stats Cumulative GPA: 3.45 Pre Req GPA: 3.74 Science GPA: 3.75 I took the TEAS almost a year ago and I plan to retake it Jan 7, 2021 as well as submit my application that day. Good luck to everyone!!