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  1. HeyNurse MHR MSN RN

    Frequent Flyers

    I found last year (new to this school) that some teachers send students (the FF) to the clinic because of behavioral issues. I stress to all teachers at the beginning of the year, my job is to keep students in health so they can learn. Being out of t...
  2. HeyNurse MHR MSN RN

    Are your kids back to school full time in person?

    SC: the county I am in is slowly allowing kids back in. Principals have strong say as to how their schools are letting students in. So, no, we are not back at 100% on campus. Still mixed learning, in school physically and virtual learning. The nice t...
  3. HeyNurse MHR MSN RN

    Teachers retiring because of COVID

    It's not only teachers leaving/retiring, it's also school nurses retiring/leaving in bunches around these parts.