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  1. You're not a male nurse

    I am non-binary but perceived as male by society.
  2. You should invest your time into learning Arabic and it will help you on your nursing exams. thank me later
  3. Agreed. As nurses we must keep cultural differences in mind when dealing with Arab people.
  4. I failed in February and still have not received ATT for retake. I paid Pearson another $200 in February. I just tried to go through the "RN reapply examination" process on the breeze site and it prompted me to pay $250. Do I need to pay $250 as a re...
  5. Should I assume I failed NCLEX-RN if I got the bad pop on PVT trick

  6. I took the exam this week for the first time. I graduated from a BSN program in December and studied a little. I started out with easy/common sense questions that made me feel confident I was going to pass, then it started asking many SATA questions ...
  7. Test shut off at 60, "Bad Pop-Up".... Still Passed

    Hi, what state did you test in? I tested on Wednesday in California and got the bad pop up several times when trying to register again. I don’t know why it would give me (or us) that pop up unless we failed. I wonder if it could be because of where I...
  8. I'm really depressed because I don't want to have to deal with this test again. I took it for the first time this morning and it cut me off after 75 questions. There were a lot of questions I guessed on. I did the PVT trick twice using a wrong expira...
  9. Should I contact the BRN in California to follow up on my application

    My application was approved recently. Faster than I expected.
  10. I graduated from a BSN program in December and I was expecting my application for licensure to take until at least March to process. I was surprised when I already got my ATT... I didn't study for this. I had to move to a new place and start a new jo...
  11. Update: I graduated from nursing school and selected “no” when asked about my criminal history on the application for licensure. My application was approved/ I cleared the background check. I wasn’t kicked out of nursing school either, just from a cl...
  12. 10 year old felony DUI

    I went to a BSN program and had clinical placements at like 10 different facilities, many of them in different cities. I would agree with the Dean's suggestion that it probably won't be an issue. During COVID we often had to do clinicals online so yo...
  13. I guess they were being brash and weren’t concerned about how their choice of words can make me feel or look. I was having an argument with the professor who said I was two-faced and he was trying to discredit me. I was trying to argue that I wasn’t ...
  14. Fair guess, but that clinical instructor never knew me and was a different faculty member from the ones who said I'm inconsistent or two-faced. She had no involvement with me from previous semesters and knew nothing about me. By the way, I didn't est...
  15. On a related note, I was running late to clinical one day and didn't leave my phone in my car as I was supposed to. My instructor asked me if I had my phone and I responded, "no. I mean, yes." She tried to text another instructor that I lied to her a...

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