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Len has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU, Level IV.

New Grad NICU nurse, continuously searching for growth, learning opportunities, and *occasionally* venting.

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  1. Hello everyone! So I’m currently a fresh NICU nurse and I was wondering if I could get some insight on nursing informatics? I’m stuck between staying bedside in the NICU, advancing my education within NICU, or taking a completely different turn and getting my masters in informatics? What I really want to know is how practical it is, how competitive it is, and is it worth it? I know it’s not common so that’s why I’m afraid to get my masters in a speciality that won’t succeed. my other question is what are my options in advancing in neonate care besides NP? Are there non-bedside options as well? thank you for helping me 🥺
  2. Hello everyone, so I recently just graduated in May and I currently am a NICU nurse in a children’s hospital. I love the NICU but I’m constantly anxious and it’s been very hard especially with COVID. I always believed that I would somehow advance my career but I never knew how. I recently just found out about nursing informatics and I was very intrigued because before I got my RN I was thinking of studying in computer science ironically. My question basically is how do I get started because I know it’s competitive, is it worth it, or should I forget about it and try to stay working in the NICU and advance myself specializing in neonate care?
  3. Hello everyone, so I’m fairly new to posting but I just wanted some opinions. So, I live in the current #1 city for COVID spike. There has been more positive cases in staff, but also in general everyone is getting sick. However, the nurses that are getting sick but are COVID negative are obligated to come in regardless. I just wanted an opinion: if a nurse is sick or not feeling well, but is COVID negative, Should they be obligated to come in?