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ChanH has 7 years experience as a CNA and specializes in Certified Nursing Assistant.

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  1. ChanH

    nursing isn't for everyone

    Thank you for the original post. I am having doubts about nursing school. There is nothing I have ever wanted to "be" as far as a career is concerned. I am a CNA at a retirement home and I really like it. I do like math and science, math mo...
  2. Hello!

    How hard or easy is the transfer of a nursing assistant certification to California? I'm coming from North Carolina. The humidity has broke me;)

    I lived in California before, I just wasn't a CNA.

    I haven't been able to speak someone yet at the California registry, I will.

    Just wondering if anyone has been through this?

  3. ChanH

    8 week prereq courses

    Hello! Waketech Community College is offering A&P II for 8 weeks starting in Spring if this is still relevant to you. It's in NC. I believe it's 100% online.