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    Domestic Violence Screening

    At the moment, domestic violence and intimate partner murder is on the rise*. And, because victims may have fewer moments alone, many are having a harder time reaching out for help. Asking someone if they feel safe should be a standard quesation with any office visit. With virtual visits becoming the norm, that aspect of a visit is being overlooked more now than ever. When I do a vaccination, I have a couple of moments alone with my patient in a private setting where I'm already asking about their health. Offering the opportunity for someone to talk seems like basic holistic nursing care. *depression, anxiety, other mental health problems, and suicide are also on the rise
  2. Nurse Mack

    Domestic Violence Screening

    Brand spanking new nurse here and I could use some direction. I'm working my first job giving vaccines at a local pharmacy. I see patients in a private room and it seems like an ideal time to ask someone if they feel safe in their relationships. I don't have any problem asking questions and talking with patients but I have no idea what to do if they don't feel safe. What should I do if I'm ever in this situation? Thanks! Mack